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  • The Doctor Who group

    13 members Latest Activity: Jul 29

    For all those whovians out there


    And nobody is allowed in this group who thinks bowties and fezzes aren't…

  • Ben 10 Theory

    14 members Latest Activity: Apr 6

    The group where I talk about different theories about the show itself. I'll even disprove some "confirmed" things that the crew have said, using…

  • Customs-Time!

    18 members Latest Activity: Feb 9

    Me and Jason have made a new collaboration group of Adventure Time Customs!


  • Cornmuffin's Nonsensical Group

    9 members Latest Activity: Mar 28

    I dunno. I'm bored. You're all very cool people though, so you're welcome to join this group and post whatever you want.…

  • Trixteam

    18 members Latest Activity: May 3

    TrixTeam is a series about 8 different omnitrix wielders, who joined forces and created a team dedicated to fighting crime on…

  • The Shrek Swamp

    13 members Latest Activity: Jan 5

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  • Skylanders customs and news

    4 members Latest Activity: May 3 This is a group where you can post your skylanders customs by
    Plus I will post some news about this cool new game

  • Bader10:Rise Of Heroes

    18 members Latest Activity: Mar 10 Welcome To My Group Here Is Things You Can Help With
    Writing Episodes

  • STICK 10

    20 members Latest Activity: Dec 2, 2014

    after ben and malware fight, another universe tells about ben, rumbletum, and alvedo truing to stop vilgax and psycobos

  • Element Animation Fan Club

    8 members Latest Activity: Nov 23, 2013

    Come and join if you are a fan of Element Animation

  • Ethan 15

    21 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2014

    Ethan 15 is a new series by Sync. It follows a kid nammed Ethan and his hard life. 

    Ethan's life is hard. he thinks it will never…

  • Toonix Evolution

    24 members Latest Activity: Sep 14

    Evolved Toonix

  • Joseph 10

    10 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2013

    Post all photos on the wiki and on here of course, and no bad language what so ever.

  • Jason 10

    20 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2014

    My own spin-off type Ben 10 fan series!

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