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  • Nicole's Anodite Reality

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2014 I have no idea what I am doing, to be honest.

    I think I was thinking about Anodites, and..idk.

    It is SUPPOSED TO BE a…

  • Jason's MARVEL Customs [CLOSED]

    16 members Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2014

    Here I will make MARVEL unpixels and customs! :D

    I will take a request for anything MARVEL related! :D

  • SsS Requests Reopen!

    19 members Latest Activity: Mar 21, 2015

    Ok guys...I think im back...

    Anyway im doing request again.


    1-Don't Argue

    2-Don't Swear


  • Omnitrix Role Play!

    2 members Latest Activity: Dec 27, 2012

    Wanna role play but no one is on chat? Then this is the group for you!


    No Alien X, Ultimate Alien X, or other omnipotent…

  • School DESTROYER

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 9, 2012 Well, this is another roleplaying group by me. Well, you need to help each other to destroy their school. Mission on the discussion, but do the…

  • Transformers Toys

    21 members Latest Activity: Sep 24, 2011

    This is the go-to group for Transformers toy collectors!


    This is a new group, but it will have the down-low on all sorts of…

  • Omni-Team

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 16, 2015

    Okay, this is for ppl w/  an oc (or two). Put your oc's name, Omnitrix name, Aliens, Picture (Not required), Description (If no picture), and if…

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