• Open new Paint window, with page that has the same size as picture you want to unpixel

  • Zoom both images to maximum and move the marked in red sliders to the corner (also both images)

  • Switch to window with blank page and:

press Ctrl+F11 - window will be getting transparent - for Alpha Blender


do the same as in this photo - for Transparent Windows

It should look like that in both ways:

  • Now you can start unpixeling

  • After contours are done

It's time to do the same with shadows etc.

  • The only thing to do now is coloring the unpixelization (taking the colors from original picture).

And here is the final result:

That's my secret of unpixeling. Enjoy

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Thank you my journey of unpixeling all ben ten characters will be much easier

np dude

Cool!! Look what I made with your method: Thanx for this new form to unpixel ;-D

That's great!

Hey Infernal Wolf,look what i made with your Method:

 Thanks for the Method,Man!!



I decided against doing the backround.

I decided to try your method and this is the result:

I know, I messed up on the hands =/


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