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Can you do some Gwen 10 Aliens?

I don't know if I can. Cannonbolt is the easiest, Diamondhead has to be skinny. Wildvine, not sure about that. And XLR8, also skinny.

I`m working on a Flora Fist (i named her wildvine that XD)

can you make:

young Ben activating his Prototype Omnitrix

Ben23 activating his Omnitrix

Ben activating his Prototype Omnitrix

Ben with jacket activating his Omnitrix

I know that most of them are hard so do only what you can

Poses or unpixels?

Like this one*dLmCPR*wh*Fk1zg0iYO7Uhn1rjILYY5Z0j5x**89*GL32SvNsh-42Hkh0FNTkLtO82TD9p1YNhcik8GvMpxpqgHY2BEdj/BenOmnitrix.png


That's gonna be hard. I will see what I can do after the rest of the requests are done.

ok and thanks

will you alteast make Ben 23 activating his Omnitrix ?

Can you do Crashocker? 

Just look at the wiki for the pic.

A Heatblast and Feedback combo.
Which base?


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