Episode 1 "Cadmus" PT 1

Rated PG/ PG-13

Conner: (floating in a chamber filled with liquid) (A breathing tube is connected to his face)

Amanda Waller: When is he going to be ready?

Doctor: I dont know Waller, he still hasnt reached his full power level yet.

Amanda Waller: Well what are you waiting for? Do something.

Conner: (eyes flash open)

Doctor: (glances over to the chamber and sees Conners fist clench up) Umm.. Agent Waller...

Amanda Waller: What is it?

Conner: (his fist swings at the glass and the glass shatters, causing pieces of glass to fly everywhere)

Amanda Waller: Hell....

Conner: (lands in a crouching postition, and then stands up with his eyes glowing red)

Amanda Waller: Take it easy...

Conner: (looks at Waller) (eyes glow red)

Doctor: GET DOWN!!

Amanda Waller: (ducks)

Conner: (blast fire at the wall, and makes the Superman symbol flaming in the wall) (stands there for a second, then superspeeds off)


Superman made by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


Amanda Waller: (gets up off of the floor) We have to find him..

Someone in the shadows: I understand that...

Amanda Waller: Well what are you waiting for, GO!

Someone in the shadows: (walks into the light) (the light shines on his chest and it shows a bat symbol) (grabs something out of his belt, throws it down on the ground)

(smoke appears everywhere) (the person disappears)

Amanda Waller: (turns around) (pics up a walkie talkie and talks into it) Are we ready?....

(a voice comes over the walkie talkie)

Voice: Checkmate has been rebooted.

Amanda Waller: (grins)


Conner: (flying over the city in all white, with a red S on his chest)

Green Lantern: GL to Justice League...

Conner: (turns around) (flys faster) (hits the sound barrier, loses Green Lantern)

Green Lantern: (looks down) Im right on his tail. It will be a matter of seconds before I have the escapee Batman.. (looks back up) Crap... I lost him..


Conner: (lands on the ground, breathing heavily) Uhh....Finally.... I lost him... (puts his hand on his chest) Feeling...weak.... (collapses on the ground)


Doctor: Waller, this isnt good, his vital signs have dropped dramatically since we last checked on him.

Amanda Waller: Well.. we have people after him... It will be a matter of minutes before they find him

Doctor: Hes dying.. the only thing left to do is pull the plug...

Amanda Waller: Hes our greatest weapon. We CANT just pull the plug, is there anything else we could do?

Doctor: Well... (looks up from the computer screen)


Conner: (wakes up, strapped to a chair, in a dark room) Ughh... Where am I? (looks up, and sees a blurry face) My vision.... I cant see....Who exactly are you...?

Guy: Thats for me to know... (puts kryptonite in his hand, then swings a punch)

Conner: OoOOFFffff!!!! (trys to get out of chair) AGGGHHhh!! (the chair electricutes him)

Guy: (punches him again, making the chair go backwards)

Conner: (flips backwards in the chair, and it emmits another shock)

Guy: (starts laughing) (picks up the chair, along with Conner)

Conner: Please.. Ive had enough..

Guy: Really? I dont think so (swings again)

Conner: (his face getting all bloody)

Guy: (unstraps the chair) Here....

Conner: Why the hell did you beat the crap out of me, then let me go (struggles to get up)

Guy: (throws the Kryptonite across the room) It was a test.... to see what you were made of..

Conner: A TEST? (eyes fill with fire)

Guy: Yes a test...just calm down, Im here to help after all...Now..(extends hand)

Conner: (shakes the guy's hand)

Guy: Welcome to the Suicide Squad.... Come on.. Lets go get a pizza, my treat (turns around)

Conner: Wait, now that I know your here to help me... can you help me figure out who I am?

Rick: You're, The Boy of Steel.. everybody wants you because your the clone...

Conner: (cuts in) Of who? (ticked off look on his face)

Rick: Superman of course.... The Man of Steel, hes supposed to replace you... in case you...die... (snickers) (grin on his face) Now, are we gonna get that pizza or not...

Conner: Well... yeah... lets go...

(they walk out of the dark room)


Batman: (walks into the Hall Of Justice) (turns on video chat) Superman, Project Cadmus is nowhere to be found

Superman: Got that Bruce, I'll keep my guard up for anything unusual.

Batman: Oh and Clark, be careful... who knows what this BOY has up his sleeve..

Superman: Gotcha

Batman: (turns off the video chat) (turns around to see a teenager standing behind him) Youre not supposed to be here right now...

Teenager: I know... Bruce....

Batman: If you want to help, you might need this... (tosses a batarang, and a mask towards the teenager)

Teenager: (catches the mask and batarang) Now, how did you know I wanted to help?


Part 2 Coming Soon!

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