Conner: (wakes up) Uhh.... (looks around) What the..... (gets up and walks to a cell door) Hello?

Lex: I see youve finally awoken

Conner: Lex Luthor...

Lex: Yes Conner me

Rick: And dont forget me

Conner: Errg.. (gets up and runs at the cell door)

Lex: I wouldn....

Conner: (runs into the cell door and collapses when he hits it)

Lex: Like I said, I wouldnt do that if I were you, those bars are lined with Kryptonite

Conner: I will get out.. and when I do..

Lex: What? You'll kill me? Hhahahaha!!


Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Based on the DC Comics Characters


Nightwing: Cassie are you sure this is it?

Cassie: Im sure..

Nightwing: Wait... I've been here with him. When he burned Superman's symbol on my chest.

(they walk into a lab filled with clones)

Cassie: So this is where he.. came from

Nightwing: Carefull Cass, no telling what these things could do

Cassie: Oh my god..

Nightwing: What is it?

Cassie: Look at this one

Nightwing: (walks over to a test tube) Wow.. this one must be the king of the hill

Cassie: Or the weapon of the century, look at the nameplate.

Nightwing: (reads the nameplate) Doomsday...?

Cassie: The others all have LX then numbers, Conner is LX-15

Nightwing: Thats strange

Cassie: lets get out of here, all these clones are giving me the creeps

Nightwing: Cassie, did you hear that?

Cassie: Hear what?

Nightwing: Somebody talking, it sounds like..

Cassie: (turns around) Lex Luthor..

Nightwing: How did you kno.....

Lex: Guest I see...

Nightwing: Lex Luthor.. no surprise seeing you in your cloning facility

Lex: Get them

Nightwing: What did you..

Shadow: (runs up and tackles Nightwing) (punches him in his face)

Nightwing: AGGhh!!

Shadow: (eyes glow red and shoots fire at Nightwing)

Nightwing: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Shadow: (gets up, and sees Cassie) Why hello there...

Nightwing: (passes out)

Shadow: (walks towards Cassie)

Cassie: (takes out a rope) (throws it at the shadow and lassos it)

Shadow: Let GO! (tears through the rope)

Cassie: What the..

Shadow: (walks to Cassie) Your cute you know that? Too bad I have to end this now...

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Shadow: (steps into the light)

Cassie: Conner..

Conner: Im sorry Cass, but I had to do this to trick Lex... thats the only way I could get out

Cassie: But join Lex? And burn Richard?

Conner: Sorry..

Cassie: Its alright, now lets go before Lex comes back

Conner: Yeah


Nightwing: (sitting in a chair, bandaged up)

Conner: So your asking me if I want to join the Teen Titans?

Nightwing: We're not teens anymore but yeah.

Cyborg: Yep

Cassie: (smiles)

Conner: Well the answer is... yes

Cassie: YES!! (jumps into Conners lap)


Lex: I cant believe the Boy of Steel escaped me.. (walks into Cadmus Labs) (walks to a chamber, looks and sees that the doors are torn apart) What?? (picks up a nameplate that reads Doomsday) Oh god...

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