Rated PG- 13

Language. Action. Violence.

Cyborg: Computers online

Nightwing: Good, now to research where the rest of the Titans are...

Cyborg: That should be easy... (types something in) (hits enter) Good I've found Beast boy.. but hes at a...

Nightwing: (looks at the screen) A circus...

Cyborg: Yeah.. Now for Wondergirl.. she should be around here, she never stays gone this long from the Tower unless...

Nightwing: Unless what?

Cyborg: Richard... I hate to say this but unless she meets a boy.


Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


Conner: (superspeeds into a barn, holding Cassie in his arms) (stops and puts her down)

Cassie: You know, with you I feel connected

Conner: (smiles) Same here..

Cassie: Well..(wraps her arms around him) you wanna..?

Conner: Um.. Uh.. (his face gets closer to hers)

Cassie: (her lips touches his)

(they kiss)

Farmer: (walks into the barn) HEY WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING IN MY BARN?

(they stop kissing)

Conner: (looks at the Farmer) Who are you?

Farmer: Thats none of your business kid (walks over to the wall, grabs a shotgun, loads it and shoots it at Conner)

Conner: Im not scared... (bullets reflect off of him)

Farmer: Oh heck... No not one of these freaks...(drops the shotgun and runs out of the barn)

Cassie: (looks at Conner) Did you really have to do that?

Conner: Yeah now lets go.

(they turn around and are walking out the doorway)

Rick: (walks in front of them) I believe one of you is property of Lex Luthor (glares at Conner)

Conner: Not this again... (jumps at Rick)

Rick: (takes out a Kryptonite dagger and stabs it into Conner)

Conner: (lands backwards on the ground with a thud)

Cassie: NO!! (runs towards Rick)

Rick: Im sorry girlie... but I have business to do.. (picks up Conner, and takes out something that looks like an iPod)

Cassie: What are you doing?

Rick: Getting money.. (hits a button on the phone and him and Conner teleport out of the barn)

Cassie: No.. (tears rolling down her face)


Lex: (sitting in his desk looking out a window)

Rick: (walks in)

Lex: (turns around) So do you have him?

Rick: Yes Mr. Luthor (drops Conner on the ground)

Lex: (walks over to Conner) So you used a Kryptonite dagger?

Rick: Yeah what about it?

Lex: Good job.. (takes the dagger out of Conner) Now put him in that room (points to a cell looking room)

Rick: Yes Mr. Luthor (picks up Conner, takes him to the cell, drops him, walks out of the cell and closes the door)


Cassie: (flys into Titans Tower)

Cyborg: Cassie your back..

Cassie: Yeah.. (tears still on her face)

Nightwing: (walks up) Whats wrong?

Cassie: Conner.... hes gone..

Nightwing: You were...

Cassie: What? Hes cute.. and I.....like him...

Nightwing: Oh.. Well listen Cassie, we need to know who took him

Cassie: Rick Flagg...

Nightwing: Great..

Cyborg: Guys.. good news.. Aqualad is on his way

Nightwing: Good, because right now we need all the help we can get against Lex Luthor.


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