Rated PG- 13

Language. Action. Violence.

Nightwing: (jumping from rooftop to rooftop) *breathing hard* (lands with a thud on a rooftop and stops) I... cant let him.. catch up to m--

Conner: (superspeeds in front of Nightwing) (wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, so his face isnt being seen) You shouldnt have stopped...

Nightwing: (reaches down to his utility belt)

Conner: I dont think so... (grabs Nightwing's hand, and throws him over his shoulder, and over the building)

Nightwing: (sliding off of the building, and his hand grabs the edge)

Conner: (eyes begin to glow bright red) Your not going to live.. so there really isnt any use in trying

Nightwing: (struggles to get back onto the rooftop)

Conner: (kicks Nightwing backwards)

Nightwing: (falls back onto the side of the building, hanging on with all his strength) Listen... I know who you are.. and Rick, well hes lying to you..

Conner: I dont believe you

Nightwing: (jumps back up onto the rooftop) Listen, I dont want to do this, but there seems to be no other choice...(reaches into his belt, grabs a grenade and throws it at Conner)

Conner: (fire starts to pour from his eyes)

(the grenade lands on the ground in front of Conner's feet)

Conner: Haha... (shoots a blast of fire at Nightwing, and makes a Superman symbol on his chest)

Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster


Man: (hits Conner in the back of the head with a chunk of Kryptonite)

Conner: (hits the ground with a thud)

Nightwing: AGGhh!!! (looks down and sees smoke coming from his chest)


Nightwing: (wakes up in a hospital bed) What the... (looks down and sees a bandage wrapped around his chest) Hm.. (begins to peel it off) It cant be.. (walks over to a mirror) Its back to normal...

Conner: (walks up behind Nightwing)

Nightwing: (sees Conner's reflection in the mirror) What the hell are you doing here?

Conner: I could ask you the same thing, I woke up here...

Nightwing: Same here.. but where are we?

Conner: Cadmus Labs....

Bette: (hand fills with fire) (throws the fireball at a car)

Woman: (screams, and takes off running)

Rick: (pulls out his pistols and starts shooting them at people)

Warp: Where the heck is cowboy?

Rick: Heck if I know.... and look-ee there... Theres our targets

Superman: (lands on the ground)

Flash: (runs up next to Superman)

Superman: The Suicide Squad.. should have known you guys would want the clone, but the question is.. where is he?

Rick: That will be an answer we all find out soon enough..

Nightwing: Where?

Conner: This is where they were keeping me

Nightwing: Oh.... Well th---Oh no..

Conner: What?

Nightwing: Look.. (points behind Conner at chambers with bodies in them

Conner: Holy cra....

Nightwing: What are they? (walks up to one of the chambers and reads: LX-3)

Conner: LX-3?

Nightwing: I have no clue..

Man: Your not supposed to be here..

Conner: (turns around) Well.. then.. your not either.. (clenches his fists, runs up and swings)

Man: (spinning backwards in a circle, then collapses on the ground)

Nightwing: Nice...

Conner: Lets get out of here...

Nightwing: Im with you on that one..

(they walk out of the lab)

Flash: (running around Bette) So Plastique.. you losing your firey touch?

Bette: ACkk.. Cant.. breathe.. (holding her neck, and falls to the ground)

Superman: (throws Warp to the ground) (walking towards Rick) Its your time now...

Conner: (superspeeds, jumps and tackles Superman)

Superman: (falls onto the ground) What the?

Conner: (punches Superman in his jaw)

Superman: Ow.. (kicks Conner off of him)

Deadshot: (walks up next to Rick)

Rick: Finally, there you are.. can you take care of Superman?

Deadshot: Sure can.. (one of his eyes turns red) (pulls out a rifle, aims and pulls the trigger)

Superman: (gets hit in the shoulder) AHH!!! (looks at his shoulder and theres something green glowing in it) No.... (collapses on the ground)

Conner: (helps Bette up)

Bette: Thanks Conner...

Rick: Come on guys.. We still have alot to do..


Lex: (sitting at his desk) Nobody finds out about my clones.. you got that?

Man: Yes Mr. Luthor

Lex: And oh yeah.. do something about the Justice League..

Man: Yes Mr. Luthor.


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