In Omniverse, Ultimate Alien, etc Ben hasn't used Alien X he has only used him once in Omniverse but more in ultimate alien.. We all know he freezes after a while. Why is that?

A. The universe says he's a threat as well as the strongest alien

B. He's too much for Ben to handle

C. Ben spends more time with other aliens

D. He can't always go to a alien that cant work

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If your question is "Why does Alien X freeze up?', it's because he can't do anything without debating it first. Since debating with Belicus and Serena takes a while, he tends to stay 'frozen' for quite some time.

B. He's too much for Ben to handle. I know that means that Belicus and Serena are very difficult to agree with so it's hard to use Alien X.

Both right



You got that right!

It's B. Alien X's species will only do something if the 2 sides agree with one another.


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