Based off of one of the seasons of Ben 10 Omniverse. Galactic Monsters will be a story arc that takes place in October around Halloween. Orion will use monsters that are well known and ones that are not.

Here are the ones revealed up to this point for my series:

Frankenstrike (Frankenstein Monster)

Snare-Oh (Mummy)

Blitzwolfer (Werewolf)

Ultimate Frankenstrike (Evolved Frankenstein Monster)

Ultimate Blitzwolfer (Evolved Werewolf)

Whampire (Vampire)

Ultimate Whampire (Evolved Vampire)

Gutrot (Hazmat Based)

Ultimate Gutrot


Aquatile (Creature of the Black Lagoon)

Beetlejuice (Clown)

Blobsmelter (The Blob)

Bonehead (Skeleton)

Deadwood (Evil Tree)

Death Claw (Wendigo)

Death Flash ( Chupacabra)

Demonfire (Demon/ Hellboy)

Eye Guy

Fearcrow (Crow)

Flame Rider (Ghost Rider)

Flyght (The Fly)

Ghostfreak (Ghost)

Grim Creeper (Grim Reaper)

High Voltage (10,000 Volt Monster)

Ultimate High Voltage (Electro from TASM 2)

Jury Rigg


Pumpkaboom (Pumpkin)


Screamstrike (Grendel from Beowulf 2007 movie)

Shadowcreep (Shadow)

Spectorshift (Shadow)

The Fallen (Monsterfied Wildmutt) 

Toepick (Ogre)

Two Creep (Two Face)

Ultimate Grim Creeper (Evolved Grim Reaper)

Zombiestrike (Zombie)

Witchzap (Witch)

Darkcrawler (Spider)


Atomicstrike (Fusion of Atomix and Frankenstrike)

Zombie Cliffslammer

Dark Scream (Bat)

Devil Bite (Devil Monkey)

Devilstrike (Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street)

Monster X (Goblin/Gremlin)

Nightscream (Bat)

Psychorage (Carrie from both 1976 and 2013)

Ultimate Flame Rider

Wide Jaw (Slit-Mouthed Woman)

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Here are 5 aliens from the series:

Scrapster, Banshee, Zombiestrike, Pumpkaboom, and Ultimate Blitzwolfer (Top to Bottom)

These are (Top to Bottom) Wide Jaw, Devil Bite, and Devilstrike

Wide Jaw is based off of a Japanese/Chinese legend that says that a samurai's wife cheated on him for a younger man. Outraged by this, the man took his sword and sliced his wife's face from ear to ear, leaving a gruesome wound on her face. She wears a surgeon's mask to cover it. Legend says  she'll say "Am I pretty?" with the mask on, if you say no, she'll reveal her wound, if you say no to her, you will meet a gruesome end.  The blue on his face is the mask he wears to cover up the mouth region. Just like the Woman. The Woman has been featured in a lot of movies. She has been referred to as the Slit-Mouthed Woman. 

Devil Bite is based off of a real Earth Devil Monkey that lives in the Appalachian Mountains. They are very quick. If one sees you in its sights, it will catch you and mutilate you to death. Watch the Animal Planet's episode of Lost Tapes for more info if you're interested.

Devilstrike is based off of Freddy Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie. His left hand has very sharp points. He should be very well known to you. If not, look up more info, and if you can, any of the movies.


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