Post your requests for me here, please.

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Joseph Tennyson, Because he's my character in the Fan Fiction Series Joseph 10: Omniverse.


  • Brown Eyes
  • Blue jacket with white lining
  • Green Ultimatrix
  • Black Pants
  • Black Shoes
  • Brown Hair

ok ill try but ill give him a dark green ultimatrix

how about Bouncer standing up straight

this is Bouncer


Can you

Use those provided colors to make Ben's aliens in those colors

ok might be a while if i have to do his main 10 but ill do it! :DDD

Can u make my chacter Josh tennyson

Blonde hair

orange jacket

blue eyes

black pants

and here is what i want my ultimatrix to look like  plz and thank u

lol thats funny cause these are my colors

can u make my omniverse version of my character and the one in the first series

plz and thsnk u



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