Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission Episode 5: Nothing Impossible

..continued from the final part of Dimensions Clash

In the portal...

Cyber: Whoa! So this is the link of dimensions...I wonder what will happen if I do this?

He reached the wall of "the link of dimensions"

Three bright lights flash about

Cyber: ...What did I just do

The lights form humanoid-like bodies

Cyber: Great...more trouble -_-


Cyber reached his dimension

Cyber: At last, Home Sweet....Dang it

It was still the same thing before he left (refer to Episode 3)

Rinzlers: Welcome back, earthling, now sit tight as we try to remove your...

The spaceship began to shake and rumble due to the dimensional transfer

Cyber: Now what?!?

Mystery guy: Cyber,get out of there! and bring your friends with you!

Cyber: Wha?!? Friends?!?

Cyber saw three bodies lying on the floor

Rinzlers: This ship is going to be destroyed, farewell human

The Rinzler brothers pressed a button on their chairs

Their chairs automatically transformed into space pods

The Rinzlers fled in their space pod

Cyber: Time to get out!

Pieces by pieces the spaceship teared

Cyber reached his Cybermatrix and tramsformed into...

Cyber: JETSTORM!!!

Cyber grabbed the three bodies and escaped the spaceship

The spaceship blew and sent Cyber and the three bodies apart

Cyber: Arghhh!

10 minutes later...

*A female voice was heard*

Female voice: Hey! Wake up! Hello?!

*Another voice came*

Unknown voice: Is he dead?

Cyber opened his eyes slowly

Cyber: Ughh..what? what? I'm awake what?

Unknown voice: Dude, do you know where are we?

Cyber: We're on Earth,of course

Unknown voice: Earth? This place looks different...I'm worried

Cyber: Who are you? Uhh.. I'm Cyber by the way...

Unknown voice: Cyber? Hey that's my nickname!!!

Cyber: huh?

Unknown voice: I'm Cyber 10, the wielder of the Cybermatrix! Here take a look!

Cyber: that...THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Cyber: I'm the wielder of the Cybermatrix!


Cyber shows his Cybermatrix

Female voice: Hey that looks like my watch!

Cyber: Wha?!?

*A shadow appeared behind them*

Stranger: you're all the wielder of the


Cyber: Wha?!?

Stranger: You're all from different universes,and so am I, I'm the alternate version of

                  you all

Trix(female voice): You are...I am...They are....Alternate...

Cyber: oh, so that explains our cloths

             which have the same colours...

Cyber2(Unknown voice):

Hey! how do you know so much about this alternate universes

Cyber3(Stranger): I used to travel between dimensions and universes

Mystery Guy: Hey, there you are, I've been looking for you guys!

Cyber: You've got some explanations to


Mystery Guy: Relax,man...

Trix: Relax?!? I got school tomorrow

         and I haven't completed my

         homework yet!

Cyber2: Meh, same about you, Mr. Alternate Universe Smarty Pants

Cyber3:I don't have homework or school...

Cyber2: Awesome!!!!

Cyber: Dude...

Trix: We must get back to our own universes,alright?

Cyber: Hey, chill a bit, this is like the Spider man: Shattered Dimensions game

Trix: Boys...

Mystery Guy: Hey, I forgot to introduce myself...I'm Max


Can Cyber be friends with the Mystery Guy, and will the other alternate universe Cybers return to their world? Find out in the coming episodes of Cyber 10 Ultimate Mission!


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thanks :3
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I like it :D
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thanks :3

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