Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission Episode 3: Holiday Invasion (HOLIDAY SPECIAL,Part 2)

...continued from part 1

I was so scared...what will happen to me? are they going to cut out my hand? Aww man...! The laser gun was ready to fire. I was in a panic. "Have mercy" I said.. "We want revenge after all you did to our leader!" the creepy aliens replied.BZZZZZZZZ! the laser gun charges. I have nothing else to do than closing my eyes and pray. BAZOOORRRRR!!! The laser gun was fired."NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I shouted. But I didn't felt anything. I opened my eyes slowly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The watch. It produced a force field. It absorbed the laser shot and made a force fieldof its own!"wow" I said. "YOU! you should have deactivate the security system first!" one of the aliens said to the other. "me? The creators never told me there was a security system!" The second alien replied. A noisy sound suddenly came. DOOP DOOP DOOP! BANG! it hitted the spaceship that I was in. I felt that the spaceship was falling. "ARRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" I shouted. Then, it all suddenly stopped.

One of the aliens checked their radar system. It was another spaceship! A huge one! SOOOOOOO BIG! "Urghhh,what now?" I said. "Oh no, he discovered us! We have to evacuate this ship!" said one of the aliens. "What about the Cybermatrix?" replied the other. "Save ourselves first, Cybermatrix later!" it replied. " Uhhh, gentlemen...can I go now?" I said. The ship that I was in began shaking. It then began to collapse to a billion pieces. The aliens went to a tiny spacepod and they evacuated the spaceship. I was still attached to some sort of table. There was a hole on the upper part of the spaceship. Three shadows entered the collapsing ship through the hole. They freed me and they grabbed me by the hands.

After that, I was teleported to the big giant spaceship. It was dark. Too dark. A flash of light appeared. There were two giant figures in front of me. " Welcome to our spaceship, WE ARE THE RINZLERS!" The two figures said. 


                                                              "The Rinzlers"

" We came to your planet to find that" they continued talking while pointing at the Cybermatrix. " Not you too!" I said. "Who dares to shout in front of the Rinzlers!!!" The red one said."Henchmen, prepare for the separation of the Cybermatrix!" Both of them said. Turns out that the three shadows that took me from the collapsing spaceship was their henchmen. I tried to escape and even punched their henchmen. When I attacked the ones that were holding me, they both teleported away (for self-defence). I realised that no one was holding me any more after they teleported away. I quickly reached the Cybermatrix. BOOMMM! I transformed into Stonecold!!! I froze the Rinzlers' henchmen. Its weird that both of the Rinzlers just kept standing there at the same place since I arrived." Aren't you going to attack me or something?" I said to them. "No, You have just got into our trap!" They replied. "Trap?!?" I was shocked.

" You do realise that you are standing under a dimensional removal machine!" They said. "NO! Cyber, RUN!!!" A voice approached. "Henchmen! FIRE THE DIMENSIONAL REMOVAL MACHINE!!!" the Rinzlers said. " Too late! I already hacked into the computer system and reprogram the machine! I am controlling it now! The same voice replied. I looked behind me and there was a "cinema-like screen" with a guy on it telling me to run. " Cyber, GO! RUN! ATTACK THE RINZLERS! URGHHH!" The guy on the screen said with disappointment. He then made a facepalm. His elbow accidentally activated a button that was exactly, when I mean exactly, EXACTLY UNDER HIS ELBOW!. " Whoa oh...Errr.. Cyber, you should run now!" He replied. " Who are you? Do I know you?" I asked to him. " Just RUNN! RUNNNN!" he replied. The machine was activated. BAZOOWWWW! I began to run but I was too late. BAZOOOOOOWWWWWWWWBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ! My body was separating like pixels, but I didn't feel anything."NOOO! The Cybermatrix! What have you done???" The Rinzlers said. In a flash, I was in another place. I thought I was just daydreaming. But I was wrong in so many ways...I was in another dimension!!! Do you know how did I found out that I was in another dimension? The question will be answered in Episode 04: Cyber 10/ Denis 10: Dimensions Clash!!!


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