Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission Episode 3: Holiday Invasion (HOLIDAY SPECIAL,Part 1)

hello everyone! are you guys having a wonderful winter? If you are, I want to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

It's the winter season. Snow falling from the sky. Lights brighten the city. And more lights and decorations... People are enjoying their holidays with fun and laughter while I was just sitting in my room doing nothing. Then, my mom asked me "why don't you take a walk rather than lying on your bed all day?". "mmm, kay" I replied. I took my coat and walked down the stairs. I opened the door. After I closed the door a cold white-substance flew and hit my face. It was snow. The so called "bullies" threw it. " Hey nerdface! Wanna have a snowball fight?" They said. " No thanks, I am too matured to have a so called "fight" with you " I replied. The leader of the "bully pack"'s face turned red like the exploding black bird from angry birds game. I didn't gave a single damn to those guys. "I wanna crush you and eat you for dinner! " said Mike( the leader of the bully pack). I walked pass them while saying "meh!". Mike pulls out his fist and tried to punch me on my back. I didn't realise that it was going to hit me....but it actually didn't. Mike froze like a statue when he saw a spaceship above him. I think it was a spacepod or something like that. Let's just call it a mini spaceship for instant.

                 Mike and the gang ran away like some common chickens. A bright-blue beam approached above me. I can't see anything because of the brightness. I opened my eyes and saw a couple of men in suits. I thought they were "men" but actually they are pretty much aliens. The first sentence that they said was " You! you killed him!". "What are you talking about?" I asked. "You killed Zartron! You made a humungous mistake!" They replied. " Oh, you mean that robot guy?" I said. "He is no ROBOT!!! He is the master of that device!" They said with an angry voice while pointing their fingers to my alien watch. "wait, wait...this thing his?" I asked. " WAS HIS!!! Until you killed him using his own creation!!!". "I thought the human scientists made it!" I said. " The humans are just co-creators taking credits!" The aliens said. "" I asked."Enough of this questions! Now let us start the separation of the device!" They replied in a deep voice. I tried to get out but I realised that I was attached to some-sort of table or conveyor belt and I can't even move. They pulled out a laser-gun like machine and aimed it on my wrist. " This doesn't look good!" I said.



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Comment by CYBER on December 23, 2011 at 4:25am
damn it iPad! spelling mistakes!

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