Cyber 10: Ultimate Mission Episode 2: Part Student, Part Hero

*bell rings*

I guess it is time for class... But I am still thinking whetehr to expose the watch.. If I expose it, I will get world fame,and maybe hunted by the scientists that created it though... but If I keep it a secret, nobody will know that I am wielding the most awesome weapon in the world...or perhaps the universe! hmmm... "FLUUNNKK!" The chalk hit his head "Oww, that hurts! what did you do that for?"I asked "I did that because you were day dreaming in my class!!!" replied the teacher. "ermm sorry miss, I thought it was somebody else who threw that chalk" I replied. 2 hours later...

*bell rings*

"It is recess time, the canteen is serving special food today" said the teacher. As I head to the canteen...the school bullies arrived at the hall. I was too busy thinking. they head towards me...closer..and closer "Hey, give us your lunch money!" said one of them. "Just step aside, I have no business with you!" I said. "You dare talk to us like that?" another one said. "Yes, and I dare to do this too!" I ran towards a gap between two of the bullies " Come back you idiot!!!" said the leader of the "Bully Pack". Haha, yeah. I just did that. You must be curious why a 16 year old guy gets bullied, right? well let's just say that the bullies are just normal guys who made it to the soccer team.That is why I was brave enough to do that.Plus, they're bodies are not as tough as the real bullies. The actual bullies of the school got transfered to another school. So...YAY!

At the end of recess people were already heading back to class. But the scene then changed when a noisy sound in the science lab was heard. I tried to open the door but it was locked. The school was shaking like there was an earthquake. BOOM! the wall blew. A giant shadow approached. I was in a shock. I can't believe my eyes! It was...a robot-like creature!!! The thing said" GIVE THE CYBERMATRIX TO ME!!!"." You didn't say please!!!" I replied. All of the students ran away from the scene. The coast was clear. I activated the watch. POOF! I transformed into Shardmine. I shot my crystals to the thing.  It was preety much not effective.

I suddenly had no choice but to go Cyber Form. Actually I never knew there was a Cyber form then. I just hit the Cybermatrix on my chest. But...instead of transforming to Cyber Form I transformed into Recon. The Cybermatrix said " Cyber Form won't be able to used within 4 days". "Oh crud" I said. I tried to escape. The thing grabbed me by the hand and reached for the Cybermatrix. Since I got the watch I didn't have a chance to demonstrate Recon's powers because I was so afraid, so, I put my hands quickly to the robot thing. I felt a power. A power that was flowing through me. That power is the power of electricity! Flashhh! My electricity shocked the thing's suit. BUZZZ! " URGHH! WHAT HAVE YOUzzzzz DONE? YOU ARE zzzzzGOING TOzzzz KILL ME!!! The yellowed stomach part of the thing was producing a noise like crazy! "YOU WILLzzzz REGRET THISzzzz HUMAN!!!" it replied. I didn't have a clue what was it talking about. I then got a feeling something will happen,so, to protect myself I changed back into Shardmine and made a little fort using the Shardmine's power of Earth to cover me.The robot thing's body started to produce a sound. BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! And before I had a time to blink that thing exploded right before my eyes."NOOOOOO!" that was the last word the robot said. Massive destruction occured. The explosion also made a few scars to my body. As I heard some firemen and police sirens coming to my school, I quickly changed back into human form. I walked slowly towards the hole in the wall. "help!" I said. I was actually pretending like my I was badly injured. The ambulans arrived and took me to the hospital. I was well medicated. Until today I am still wondering what that thing might be. Did I made a mistake? Or did I just became a true hero? The answer lies in the following episodes -END OF EPISODE 2-


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Nice plot and character design :)

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The thing in the pic is the "robot-like creature"

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