Cyber 10/ Denis 10 : Dimensions Clash (Part 1)

BOOOMM! The sound was heard over a city.A weird-looking cloud appeared in the sky. It formed a circle. It was a portal!!! The army began to take their place under the portal. "Okay boys, whatever that thing is we still have to protect the innocent lives that are still in the city! Even if it means to cost our lives in the battle!!!" said the commander of the army squad. An electric current zapped in the portal. A shadow suddenly appeared between the clouds. ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM! The shadow crashes into a car beside the road. It was a never-before seen life form. It was Shardmine!

Cyber's side of the story:

After the Rinzlers caught me,I fell for their trap.I realised that I was standing under a dimensional removal machine..and someone accidentally activated it , a bright beam approached above me and suddenly I realised that I was falling from the sky. For self-defense I reached the Cybermatrix and transformed into Shardmine."Uhhhh..that hurts...what happened?" I said. "Freeze!" said the soldier men. "Uhh what? hey,hey,slow down, I think you got the wrong guy here..." I replied in a shock.

" No, we didn't we are sure we already got the right guy!" said the commander. " Holy sandwich! What the heck is that thing?" said one of the soldier men. " Uhh.. I guess I am going now! eheh..." I said. The surroundings, they feel different, not the same as usual. Then,I began to run away from the scene. " Stop him!!!" said the commander of the squad. POW! POW! POW! Bullets were flying everywhere. " Hey watch it! Ouch!" The bullets hit me...and it hurts. I made a fort using Shardmine's power, the power of Earth, to protect myself. " What to do now?" I asked myself. I reached the Cybermatrix on my chest and transform into Recon! I quickly ran away from the scene without anyone noticing. I was in a panic. Soldiers and tanks surround the city. I was so panicked until I ran over a guy. "Hey!!!" the guy said. " Uhh! you're an alien! you're the one who caused this havoc! You are not getting away that easy!!!" He said. I saw him reach something on his wrist. That something was a watch. A watch that looks similar to mine but has a different colour. And different aliens too. " RATHHH!!!" The guy transformed into a tiger-like beast while shouting a name, probably the alien's name.

"Aww dang!" I said.

* Crossover intro song rolls in*

"LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING ALIEN GUY! NO ONE MESSES WITH DENIS EXCEPT DENIS!" he said. " ohhh, Denis is your name?" I said. "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" Denis replied in an angry voice. He tried to catch me more than ten times. I still got away from it (as Recon) until...a soldier pulled out a weapon. I don't know what kind of weapon was it. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" The soldier said. The weapon fired a rope like thingy. I was tangled in the rope. " Aww man, how do I untangle this? Wait..." I asked myself. I just remembered that Recon has the power of electricity. " I hope this works!" I said . BZZZZZZZZZAHHHHHH! My powers were flowing through my body. BUZZZZZZZZ! I overloaded my power and broke the rope." Haha! nothing that could stop the mighty Recon!!!" I said bravely. "LISTEN TO ME ALIEN GUY! THIS ISN'T OVER! I'M GONNA CATCH YOU!" Denis said. I ran away as fast as I could. But Denis has tricks of his own. " Jetray!!!" He transformed into a stingray-like creature. He flew towards me as fast as I am. He got closer..and closer to me. "Take this!!!" He fired a laser beam from his tail. " Ouchh! Hey watch it!" I said loudly. I have no choice but to flee. I reached my Cybermatrix and transformed back into Shardmine.I made a fort around me and merged into the ground. " Hey where did you go?" Denis said in his alien form. " You can run, but you can't hide forever!" He continued talking. They had no clue where I was. I was underground, in the city's sewer. " Man it stinks in here!" I said. I stayed there thinking about my future. " Where am I? Where's my family? My friends? What is this place? It's totally different!" I asked myself. I decided to get some help...from the guy who was hunting me down...the guy named Denis! I took a stroll around the city's streets to find him. At last I found him! He was at school! " Uhhrghh, I should searched here in the first place! Where would a kid be on Mondays? School of course!" I said to myself in a disappointing tone. I waited for him outside the school. When he came out I quickly went to him. " Uhh... hey...can I ask some questions? I'm kinda confused right now! I asked him. " Sure, what can I help with you, bro?" He replied. "Uhhh I am lost right now, can you tell me where I am?" I asked. " Are you serious?" He looked at me in a suspicious way. Suddenly, we heard a woamn's cry. "HELP! SOMEONE STOLE MY PURSE!!!" she cried. I saw a man running away from the scene with a purse. I reached my Cybermatrix and transformed into Stonecold!I ran closer to the guy and blowed out the ice-cold wind from my mouth. "Arghhhh! " The man shouted. I took the purse and gave it to the nice lady. A beam of light shocked me. "YOU! YOU ARE THE ONE! TWO DAYS AGO! YOU !" Denis as Rath pushed me against the wall. "Please I can explain!" I replied. "WHY? WHY DO YOU HAVE A WATCH DEVICE LIKE ME? DID THE BAD GUYS CLONED ME???" he replied in an angry voice. "I CAN EXPLAIN!!! LOOK! I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM, I DON'T KNOW YOU, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING HERE!" I shouted with courage. POOF! Denis transformed back into his human form. " HEY! don't shout at public places like this! Urghh!" he said. He dragged me to his home. " Okay explain to me what happened!" He said to me. "Okay at first I was captured by the vicious villains The Rinzlers and they set me up to a trap, someone else re-programed and accidentally activated the 'trap' which is a dimensional removal machine which is actually used to remove my watch, after he activated the machine I bright light appeared and I realised that I was falling from the sky and POOF! The whole incident happened!" I explained. " Ohh...kay..." he said.     "So you travelled from your dimension into mine?" He asked. " Sort of" I answered. When I was about to explain more details someone shouted in front of Denis's house. " Evacuate the city! they are everywhere!" the guy shouted. As we head to the city square we were shocked to see everyone green and have red eyes. They were infected. By some sort of disease.They look like zombies. " Does that happen in your dimension a lot?" I asked Denis. "Nope" he replied.

-To be continued in Part 2-


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