FFC Voting participant :Cyber 10/ Denis 10 : Dimensions Clash (Part 2)

...continued from part 1

As we arrive at the city square we saw people walking like zombies. They were green! They have red eyes!"HUMANZZZ!" They shouted. "Oh boy!" Denis said. "Looks like it's HERO time!" We both said."Wait! you know Ben 10's phrase?" I asked Denis."Uhhh YEAH! He is like one of the most epic heroes ever!" Denis replied. "I WILL TURN YOU INTO MY HENCHMEN!" All those zombie people said. "I?" I was confused. "Isn't it supposed to be 'we'?" Denis shouted. The green zombie people growled. Me and Denis activated our watches and we turned into aliens...of course! what else do we do when zombies attacking us?"RATH!!!" Denis shouted in his tiger-alien form. "Why do you always use this guy?" I asked him in my wolf-alien form."I dunno..." Denis replied."Neowolf and Rath are in the house!!!" I said. We both attack the zombies but we didn't hit them to hard because there are people inside the bodies trapped by the thing controlling them!"You would not stand a chance when I combine!" The zombies said."Oh Come On!didn't you guys learned the word 'we' in school?" I shouted.The zombies were angry they formed a group.I thought they were discussing something,but I was wrong.They merged and formed a new body!"Yuck! that's gross!" Denis said.The body they formed was huge! But not huge as our heroic souls!" Uh-Oh!We are seriously in a big trouble!"I said to Denis. "EEYUP! YES WE ARE!" Denis replied. "LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING WHATEVER YOU GUYS ARE! WE DON'T WANNA HURT YOU!BUT YOU MADE US HURT YOU! SO TECHNICALLY I WILL JUMP RIGHT ON YOUR FACE AND SAY 'HEY! YOUR FACE IS UGLIER THAN JUSTIN BIEBER!' YOU HAPPY? BECAUSE THAT PART WILL HAPPEN RIGHT NOW!!!" Denis shouted in an angry voice. After he completed his sentence he jumped right in front of the thing's face...but sadly Denis was punched away by the huge alien-like thing "ARGHHH!" Denis shouted while he was flying through the air and crashed into an expensive car. " I WILL NOT PAY FOR THAT!"Denis shouted while pointing at the car that he just crashed.

      As the thing got more angry. Denis as his Rath form jumped on the chest of the monster. "Wait..what is happening?" Denis said. His feet was sinking into the monster's chest. Denis was trying to get out of the monster's body. A bright blue light appeared in the chest of the monster. I saw the monster's body melting."ARGHHHH!" it said. The humans trapped inside the monster's control was free. They had a headache, and I saw Denis too. He was covered by the goopy-green slime. I changed into my human form." Hey! Denis! are you okay?" I asked. "okay? I never felt BETTER!!!" Denis( I thought it was him) said.when he said the word "better", his voice was like Ghostfreak from Ben 10."Uhhh, Denis?" I said. "Denis is not here, he is busy trying to get out of my control. For I am, Greede!" The evil villain said. "Greede? so, thats your name!" I replied."The power! I do not need those other humans to feed me power! This device! It is full of power!" Greede shouted." Oh no! The watch!!!" I was shock.

 Greede activated Denis's watch. "hmmm what does this one do?" Greede said while seeing the Supermatrix.Greede pressed the Supermatrix and he transformed into Live Flame, one of Denis's aliens.

-The Final Part of the Crossover will meet you in Part 3-


<Greede supreme                            with the Supermatrix

-Credits to Infernal Wolf for the original Perplexehedron Guard picture-

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