Cyber 10/ Denis 10 : Dimensions Clash (Final Part)

-continued from Part 2-

Greede: The power, it is over-flowing! I can feel it!

Me: This can't be good!What are you anyway?

Greede: I'm a virus, a disease created by humans! But they

               were trying to kill me!

Me: Virus,huh? Wait...every virus has a nucleus which

        controls all the activity in the cell. So if I shut down the

        nucleus,I'll shut down you!

Greede: Well, good luck with that! Now taste the wrath of  


Greede fired some fireballs as Denis's alien "Live Flame"

I ran and took cover behind a building

Me: Of Course! Viruses can be killed if it's too cold or too hot!

The idea came to me.

I activated my Cybermatrix and transformed into Tech.

Greede saw me and transformed into Diamondhead,which is one of Denis's aliens.

He shot some diamonds at me.

Me: Okay, you had your chance,now it's my turn!

I combined my hands into a big laser gun and getting ready to fire.

Greede: No! Stop! 


A Laser beam came out and shoots Greede.

Greede: NO!!!!!!!

The impact made a very bright light.

After the light was gone I turned back into human form and searched for Denis.

Me: Denis?!? Where are you? Are you alright?

Denis: Urgh....

I saw Denis laying on the ground.His jacket was ripped off.He got some scars from the blast.

Denis and the other humans that was controlled by Greede was rushed to the hospital.I waited for 3 hours.Denis got healed. The other humans went to see me.

The stranger: Thank You!

Me: Uhh...Your Welcome?

Other stranger: Sorry for your trouble! It was our mistake! We created Greede!

Me: You? Why did you create such a thing?

Stranger: Greede was actually a prototype cure for AIDS, until it got unstable and

                 created a mind of its own!

Other stranger: Is there any way for us to repay you?

Denis:(suddenly said) You guys are scientists,right?

Stranger: Yes,we are health scientist and some of us were ex-secret service


Denis: Do you guys have multi-dimensional devices to transport Cyber back to his


Stranger: Yes, but it is too risky. He may fall into another dimension or another

                  alternate universe.

Me: I have to take chances! The people in my dimension needs a hero!

After 2 hours discussing, the scientists took me to their secret lab located under an old building.They showed me the device.They wore anti-radioactive clothes just for safety.They then activated the device.


A portal appeared. But it was too small.

Denis: How can Cyber fit through that?

Cyber: Maybe theres an alien in the Cybermatrix that I can use. Cybermatrix, search

             for an alien that can minimize its size.

Cybermatrix: DNA found.

I activated my Cybermatrix and turned into a never-before seen alien.

Me: Wow! I never seen this alien before!

Denis: So this is goodbye,friend!

Cyber: I got a feeling that we'll meet again soon.Bye.

I minimize myself and went through the portal.

Thus, the crossover is done. I hope you all enjoy it :D

New episodes of Cyber 10 will be aired by this weekend or next week.


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