The Cybermatrix lets me transform into a bunch of aliens. It also has two modes!

Cybermatrix # Mode 1: Attack Mode

The Cybermatrix transforms into Attack Mode when I am ready for battle!

Cybermatrix # Mode 2: Defend Mode

The Cybermatrix transforms into Defend Mode when it is recharging or not used

*Cyber Fact*

The Cybermatrix was built with in-device Wi-Fi which allows it to recharge. Believe it or not the Cybermatrix recharges using the internet!

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I like the colours

PerpleX: inspired by dubstep much :D LoL
Sideswipe: yup, it uses the internet...if the internet of the world is down, the cybermatrix will be able to be recharge with its reserve power

dubstep is awesome

you are a dubstep fan too? cool! :D


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