Hey, I am back! So you guys must wonder how does the Cybermatrix looks like and how did I get it, right? Well before we get to that I have to tell you my life. well, here it goes!

Nickname: Cyber

Age: 16

Birthdate: Why would you want to know that?

Occupation: Part-time hero, part-time student at Sevens High School

...others will be told through my story

Okay this is how I got the Cybermatrix:

(It happened about four years ago when I was still 12)

One Saturday morning, I woke up in the morning at open up the television while pouring the milk into my cereal bowl that was full of fruit-flavoured cereal. I was about to enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons while enjoying my bowl of cereal. I was still in my pyjamas. After I opened the television, it was showing a cartoon named Ben 10...and back then I thought Ben 10 was just a silly joke. Then, I changed the channel and it was showing some news about an experiment that was construct in the middle of the desert. I cranked up the volume of the TV and heard what was the news reporter was telling about. The news reporter said that the experiment that went wrong after a few tests at the laboratory (which is destroyed because of the experiment). The scientists were interviewed and the only statement they told to the news reporter was : " The experiment is gone now, We do not know where it went." . After that, I began my investigation. I was interested in that kind of things back then. I surfed the internet about 5 hours a day to find the answer to the mystery. Several days later, I befriended with a a guy that has a relation to the scientists. Finally, I got my hands to top secret files like the CCTV tape that was placed miles from the lab and some files that was kept in the scientists' office. When I investigate the tape I saw a sphere-like object that flew to space. I downloaded many softwares to make the tape's quality clearer and clearer. At last! I have done it! When I saw the thing it was a like a silver shiny ball...but I was scared when I saw a space ship thingy escaped from the laboratory...and then I calculated the silver shiny ball coordinates and it was heading to space. Following the coordinates that I concluded I used my telescope to locate the thing and I found it!!! It was a huge discovery! but I got a feeling that I was not the only one that discovered it.The next night, I checked the telescope whether the thing was still in it's way...unfortunately, the thing is gone far from it's original coordinates I saw the thing entered the Earth's atmosphere with a fire tail. ZOOOOOOOOOM it went. I began to calculate the crashing spot. The result was that the thing will land in about 33 metres from my neighbourhood. I slowly went down stairs and I took my bike and I hurried to the crashing spot. 2 minutes left until it crashes. I was still on my bike finishing like 4.5 metres left. And then it happens! BOOM! straight to the forest that it used for camping! Luckilly no one was there.

I began my search and there it was! the sphere thing... I walked closely to it. Step by step.

And a strange sound appeared and it was all "ah-pogalondojo kiko?"

I was like" what the heck?" and it said "language selected, Earth language" I tried to walk closer, and closer. and POOF! the sphere thingy opens like a pokeball. and in it was a watch. A watch that I had never seen before. And, of course, like Ben 10, the watch jumped to my hand and sticked to my arm.

I freaked out and began to use sticks to get it off of my hand. but I realised that my parents maybe searching for me right now. I grabbed my bike like there is nothing on my wrist. Days after days I tried to take it off. My parents did not even realised I wore that thing everyday! To release my panic, I watched some TV and I can't even sit properly! and there it was! My answer to what is the thing! The answer was in the show that I thought it was very ridiculous

...BEN 10. I learned that he can transform into a bunch of aliens using the watch like I have. -to be continued- 

-Credits to Ryan Nguyen for the pic-

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Awesome :)

sounds cool

Thanks, guys!

So um... A boy that can turn to an alien WATCHES a boy that can turn to an alien?

"And maybe, you should write like this, Akif." Someone said.

"Wait wuuut?" I asked.

Then, that someone banged my head with a frying pan.


lol wut?

You should write it like that, making it one paragraph is confuzing.

I did not write like that because I want to add pictures and make it look professional...I am experimenting the method you asked me to do with tye preview of episode 2


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