Hello! In this edition of the Alien Guide, I will expose to you three more aliens that are available in the Cybermatrix.

Name: Neowolf ( The Neowolf in the image is the Attack Mode)

Power: Claws, Tail, Head and some parts of his body glows green when Neowolf is about to attack,

           The claws become hot as lava when it glows, super agility.

Description: He is super agile and also looks like Benwolf from Ben 10.

Cyber Form: I dunno LOL

Status: Original 10 Alien

Name: Megamight

Powers: Fire( duhhh), Super strength and has the ability to fly...oh and can whip things using his tails   

             or the tentacles.

Description: He is huge like Humongousaur.

Cyber Form: I guess I don't need that feature for this guy but...meh.

Status: Additional Aliens (Season 2)

Name: Stonecold

Powers: Super strength, Has the power to change anything to ice by only touching it with his fingers,

             Has an icy-breath and can make a blizzard storm by blowing (like big chill)

Description: c..cc..ccc..ccoooll.....

Cyber Form: I would love to see that

Status: Original 10 Alien

So that's it for the second edition of the Alien Guide :D . See ya!!! and don't forget to check out the new episodes! ^_^

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inspired from...

I like Neowolf kinda, And Stonecold is pretty cool (no pun intended), but I really don't like Megamight. He's to much of a mixture of aliens.

Actually I ran out of ideas to make a new alien...thats why I created Megamight...LOL

Neowolf and Stonecold was the aliens that I planned.

Well, if you want, you can replace him with this guy

I like Megamight (Kevin 11,000, but still) and in the tags the word whyareyoureadingthesetags? made me laugh.

wow your the first one to notice that
Well, I noticed it to, but I didn't mention it
lol btw i watched you on deviantart


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