Hey guys! this time I'm going to tell you about my aliens! This is the first 3 aliens, others will be in the next Alien Guide!

Name: Recon

Powers: Speed and can produce electricity through his body

Description: I know this looks like Fasttrack in the Ben 10 show..but he is a little bit different

Cyber Form: - secret-

Status: Original 10 Alien

Name: Shardmine

Powers: Produces Crystal-like shards, Fire-proof and can control the Earth element

Description: I having nothing to describe him

Cyber Form: yet to be discovered

Status: Original 10 Alien

Name: Tech

Powers: Can hack into anything that has to do with technology, shoots laser beams from his hands          

             and can make the beam bigger by combining both of his hands, perfect strength and has a  

             killer stereo system in his chest...and by killer I mean literally KILLING!

Description: One of my favourite aliens

Cyber Form: Yes.

Status: Original 10 Alien

-Credits to Ryan Nguyen for the original "Tech" photo-

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*Cyber Fact*

A Cyber Form is like the Ultimate Form from the Ben 10 series

Pretty cool, can I make a picture of Shardmine?
yeah, you can make a pic of shardmine
I have more aliens in my archive department, if you don't mind you could use them


cool aliens and recon looks like fasttrack but with the colours of xlr8

yes! LOL you figured it out! :D

yes yes...btw i commented on your devianart

I took an ultimatrix unpixelisation and edit it. SIMPLE.

oh cool
I will put him in the Cyber Alien Guide. Here's a little fact about him. He can shoot energy beams(like chromastone) and can even build a huge Earth golem to battle enemies.I will give more information about him in the guide.


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