Post a pic of your character and tell me about it!

(If you want to be a human, you can't have powers but if you want to be an alien, you can have powers)

Post it like this:

(Picture of your character)




*Only alien characters can have powers

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uhhh.... ._.
is he always on the ultimarix symbol or you just put him there?
cool, this character will be a plumber because he has the plumber symbol

I think you know what hes like.!

I'm kinda in the mood for a crossover so.

Name:Kenneth "Kenny" Tennyson

Powers:Using the Omnitrix Mark II he can turn into a whole bunch of aliens.

Description:Son of the Hero Ben tennyson nicknamed Ben 10,000,Ken got an omnitrix for his 10th birthday which originally allowed him to turn into 10 aliens.After a few months after beating Kevin 11,000 and vilgax with his sister Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson 2nd,his best friend Devlin Levin and his dad Ken's omnitrix rebooted giving him 10 more aliens.Now after beating the entire techadon mass production 5 years ago Ken now has the omnitrix mark II and is facing an all new threat he dosent even know about.

Name : Omega Alexander

Powers : Super Power (ALL)

Description : idk, He is cool


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