Post a pic of your character and tell me about it!

(If you want to be a human, you can't have powers but if you want to be an alien, you can have powers)

Post it like this:

(Picture of your character)




*Only alien characters can have powers

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Name: Plumber #10: Rasec

Powers: All those of a Vaxasaurian but stronger

Description: Rasec is a tough guy who loves to fight, but he can also be calm and collected. He is a majester of the Plumbers and works in the Milky Way Galaxy. He often uses his growing powers to put some size on his enemies. He likes to eat Earth food, his favorite.. eating burgers. He is also very smart. About as smart as a human scientist. He is about 14 feet tall, tall for his species. And very, very strong.

you'll be my friend in the coming episodes
Name: Era
Powers: Time Manipulation/Control
Energy Blasts
Time Rays
Time Shields/Barriers
Enhanced Strength
Description: Era was a 296 year old Chronian who was dying from repeated time leaps. He knew that he was going to die, so he sped up his death by time jumping one last time in order to help an alternate version of himself. He went back to when he was 12 and moved much of his knowledge into his younger self, letting him know about the fate that would soon come to his planet. He left Chronia before it was trapped outside of space-time, and is now the last of his kind (aside from Eon). He speaks with little or no emotion, and tends to be a bit rude. He is sometimes a bit prejudiced about humans, considering them to be an inferior species. He rescued Phenton from a group of Transylians, and since then Phenton have followed him everywhere. He has a retractable helmet built into his suit for battle.

What do you think?

Name: Phenton
Powers: Dark mana based Time manipulation, Arrows on back cut cut almost anything, flight, hard metaloid skin, mild gravity manipulation
Description: Phenton is one of clockwork's species that was genetically modified by Transylians. When he was first mutated he woke up without his full memory. He discovered that he had arrow tipped tendrils of Dark Mana (sometimes called Anti mana or death energy) sprouting from his back. He was nursed back to health and Re-taught to use his time powers by a young Chronian named Era, and being no more than 5 in his kind's years, often refers to Era as his "Daddy". His powers are not fully developed, so he mainly relies on Era to travel though time and space, and the worst he can do to an enemy is age them five or six years. Because of this his main weapons are the razor sharp arows sprouting from his back, which can cause metal to instantly oxidize through a combination of time energy and dark mana. He loves sweets, and will do almost anything for a piece of candy. He speaks in the voice of a child stacked on top of a robotic voice, and represents this be writing with numbers instead of letters.

Writing key:

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Name: Chilli

Powers: All of Necrofriggian powers, plus, he's extremely smart for his species.

Description: Chilli is a Plumber. Due to an accident in lab, he becomes extremely smart. He is sometimes serious, sometimes silly, and some times can be random. He mainly uses ice to create a sword and uses it to fight.

you should edit the colour so that it wont be confused with big chill

The eyes?

Up to you :)


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