Gwen: So Ben what do alien do you want to try first?

Kevin: Maby he should try one that cleans and fixes cars etc.

Ben:(Ben sighs and slaps an icon)

Alien Big: (Ben shouts Alien Big) cool.He is big.

Gwen: Ben enough playing and see what he does. Try lifting that truck and throwing it.

Alien Big: Ok.(Alien Big lifts and throws the truck) I guess he has super strength (Alien Big accidentely grows big) I think I am taller than Ultimate Humungasaur .

Gwen: (Gwen uses her mana and checks) you are?

Kevin: WOW!

Gwen: Next alien Ben.

Ben: Ok (Ben slaps icon)

Fury:(Ben shouts Fury) what can this one do? (Furry turns into a dragon and breathes fire) well, this will come in handy.

Gwen: (It is night time now Gwen yans) I am tired Ben lets do some more tomorrow.

Ben: Ok bye everyone.

Gwen: Bye.

Kevin: ahhh.


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sorry not impressed


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