who do you like more aqualad, kid flash, superboy, or robin.

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i dont really know but i know it isnt superboy though
You forgot Miss Martian... But i know this is REALLY generic, but Robin. But i dunno...Aqualad is really cool, too.
i didnt really want to put miss martian notice that none of us picked her
Robin...or Kid Flash...
super would be cool but he dosent have all of super mans powers so my favorite is aqua lad
i think mine is aqualad
Aqualad and even though she isn't one of the choices Miss Martian.
you guys can pick her i just didnt want to write her
i wanted to pick the people in the first episode

I Like Miss Martian, but Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Superboy are cool... My Favorite is...

Boy: Aqualad

Girl: Miss Martian (for now...)


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