write who you think the strongest villian i thought it would be ultimate aggregor but some people dont agree with me write your thought.

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Ultimate  Aggregor
yeah...ultimate aggregor is the strongest...but my favorite is albedo!!
yeah i can tell albedo is your favorite albedo

ultimate kevin


No, albedo is the strongest. He has the highest intelect of all the enemies and can construct any doomsday device at will. Ultimate aggregor can fire lazors.



 Hmm..."doomsday", or "IMA FIRIIN MAH LAZOR!"?

but albedo is like ben sorta and ben could barely defeat ultimate kevin
but you cant use the ultamatrix all the time or it would run out of energy and you cant use all the aliens at once and ultimate kevin can use all the forms without needing to charge
everybody said ult. kevvin its settled
good point but ultimate kevin can beat ultimate agregor with ease
yeah but kevin is still more powerful

you are sorta right ethan but if you dont count ultimate kevin it is ultimate aggregor

you are right aqualad


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