Hello Ben10toys.net,

As you can see, it's me, Anonymous. I'm going to keep this short and simple. I have plans for this site, to bring a new age of activity and peace, but to do so, I would need to make contact with Ben Freecold. So please tell him that I am looking for him, and that it's urgent. 

Freecold, if you are reading this, then know that your presence is mandatory.

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I am absolutely positive that you are in fact Ben Freecold. If you have plans of any sort for improving the website, please send them to a moderator or Max.


Again with this nonsense, I am frankly sick and tired of people claiming I am Freecold. There are various reasons why I'm not, and if you think I am, then you are truly blind.

Even if I wanted to consult a moderator about my plans, which I don't, I wouldn't be able to do so unless I discuss them with Freecold first. That is of the utmost importance.

It really doesn't help your case that every time you come on and do one of your forum posts, you're ALWAYS looking for Freecold and I distinctly remember you and I talking on PC once about you being Ben.

Tip for next time, cut your nonsense and stop looking for yourself every time.


You're obviously not in the know. Years ago, Freecold was Anonymous, he was the first one. After he quit, I became the new Anonymous under a new account to continue the legacy. And what is the point of looking for "myself"? What do I have to gain by doing that? All that implication does is imply that I am one of the trolls that I try to fight, which I find very offensive. 

I am done with all replies concerning me being Freecold, and I will not discuss the matter any further. Thank you.

Lol so much, "continue the legacy", "first one" :DDDDD

For god sake, grow up, find a job either something useful to do and stop being such immature kiddo with some role-play-ish behaviours.

Idc who you are, idc why you are lookin for one, messed up trash, called Freecold but acting as Anonymous is way dumb and more appropriate for some 4chan sites than an old, fansite about TV show that ended airing more than year ago.

And one question, you wanna change site? Go to admins or mods of that crappy site than to stupid fanboy. What Freecold's got to it, ain't ya got any private contact to him, you really need to announce whole that sh... stuff to anyone?

1) What problem do you have with continuing the legacy? Anonymous was more than a justice server, he was a symbol of hope, something this site has lately lacked.

2) What's your problem with me? Just because I help report crimes does not mean I am lifeless, it means that I am helping serve the community, both here and in real life. 

3) While I agree that Freecold is "messed up trash", searching for him is pivotal and important. This site has grown beyond Ben 10. It's something more now. Something better, potentially.

4) The admins/mods have their jobs, and I have mine, and Freecold is necessary for confidential reasons. I do need to announce it in an attempt to gain his attention.


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