What Omniverse toys do you ABSOLUTELY have to buy?

I ABSOLUTELY, need to get all the Hyperaliens in Omniverse series.

The Omnitrix Touch.

I can't say anything else because I don't remember what other toys...I will update this regularly :D

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I got the Omniverse Ben. =D It's really awesome. Though I noticed the figure's a bit smaller than the usual figures....


All the rook. ALL OF THEM. ASHJFJDGJSFDKHJNSKJSJKDGHKFHJLSKJSGHKFG And little Ben. And Ben's motercycle. And that grasshopper. And other cute things to come. BUT ROOK. AKJSHFJSDHGKGS ROOK. And Albedo when he comes out. 

Well, I've owned at least one Omni/Ultimatrix from each Ben 10 series, even thought I'm not a big fan of the series any more.

I NEED AN OMNITRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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