It has been a while. I am TheRay and I started a long time ago. I have experienced this site grow and prosper into an amazing place for me and fellow fans to hang out and express our ideas and have fun with people that understand us. All the history, the dumb battles that meant more to us as kids. But we aren't kids any longer. We are teens and we had grown out of the things we thought we would never grow out of. We still say we visit and that we are active, but we're not and we knew this site was dying.
We kept trying to bring it back, to give it life, but we kept failing and there was no more hope for the older members, the foundation and record keepers of this place. I personally don't understand. Why I keep coming back. Why I keep wanting to save this place. Now I realize it's because this little Ning powered website fueled my life. I grew up here posting how I felt and feeling like I had a greater connection to others.
Time passed and more and more people left. There was a new website for older fans. It ripped people from this place. They had moved on. This place is now only home to the minimum of fans who didn't realize this existed. That pisses me off. That a place of monumental ideas became this. Omniverse didn't pull in anybody. The reboot is this website's only hope.
So you wonder, why care? Why does it still matter to you? Because I missed it!!! I missed it because I got interested in other things and was on and off. I want it back but I know I can't have it back. I almost had it. So today, I post this to tell the rest of the inhabitants of this lonely website to start again. This can't die. Spread the website. Get role play back. Revamp your once lively groups! And save this website from it's unjust downfall. Because if the reboot is for the new age of kids. Then this site is gonna get a shipment of dumb kids.


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dude are you slightly autistic?

Hector is fully autistic.

i'm just gonna assume you have a condition like aspergers or autism, hec.


Well said Ray


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