Okay, I was recently flipping through "The Complete Guide to Ben 10 : Alien Force" and I saw the Albedo page and noticed that it was a picture of him as Ben's warped double, but had a WHITE under-shirt on. Sensing something wasn't right, I went on the web and searched for a clip from "The Final Battle" with Albedo fighting Kevin  on Youtube and I noticed that he had a BLACK under-shirt on.


As proof, I have found pictures from the two episodes:


First, from the Season 2 episode, "Good Copy, Bad Copy":



And now, from the final episode on AF, "The Final Battle":


And before anyone can say it, yes, I do know that the second picture isn't from Albedo's fight as Diamondhead with Kevin. The reason I did this is just because it was something on my mind.


And then there are the paint mistakes on the toys. For instance, one of the more recent figures, Nanomech, seemed extremely odd to me. And here's why.


Nanomech as he appears animated in a promo pic:



And then there's what I noticed about the newest figure of him:



Unfortunatly, Bandai didn't paint the signature green circuits onto the Nanomech figure and I just don't think it looks right without them. Of course that my personal opinion, so don't let it sway yours. And please people, pay attention to the following:


And people, when you comment on this please no swaering or insults against myself or each other, because when you post comments, please remember: you aren't the only one who can see them and that I mean no offense in saying or doing this.

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i noticed that i was just about to put that on my discussion ''ERRORS IN BEN 10''

Any other comments?

does anybody know how to get photos that can be edited of ben ten aliens?



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