i do not have pics (yet) but i just got the veuscope ultimatrix and i noticed something... unusual. THE ALIENS (not all of them) ARE MESSED UP!!! Like Armodrillo (the black parts on his neck and arm are yellow, not black), Ampfibian (on his right side his longer arm is supposed to be on the right of his shorter arm, not left), ult. Echo echo (the holes on his arms and shoulders are popped out, not just in his arm), Nanomech (the little things above his arms are black, not grey and he doesn't have the green wire things on his body) and that's it. i mean it doesn't really matter but i was just pointing it out. BUT that's only mine that i got so i'm not sure if it's on ALL of them but if you have the new veuscope ultimatrix, check it out!

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heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, mine has it to and ult. spidermonkey's belly and backarms and face are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too purple.
you should just bought the disc ultimatrix than that weird thing its a waste of money...



Ha fail........
If anyone has a pic of ua nanomechs face and compare with vuescope, the lower stripes are missing on his face


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