Ben 10: 4 seasons. Everyone liked it.

Ben 10 Alien Force: 3 seasons. There were a few people who didn't like it as much as Ben 10.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: 2 seasons (I think?). The amount of haters increased.

Ben 10 Omniverse: Could this have 1 season because we hate it already?

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"10, altogether, ben, could, die,"  NICE TAGS.


It was meant as "Ben 10 could die altogether"


But your theory has 10 seasons so both of you make since lol.

well AF had 12 episode seasons, I believe UA had like 20-24 episode seasons.  so ultimatly there will be more eps of UA than AF. 

I hope so. I know that in 2 years ops, thy'll change Ben 10 AGAIN, and it'll be either: A continuation of UA, Art style and all, where ben is 17 or 18 and all of that

or B: MoA makes the show again, and it's in the style of HU and the plots are intense and really pull the audience in. B would be preferred. 

I would prefer A.


I would like either, but with A, they'd seriously need to beef up the plots. NO FILLER EPISODES!!

I just loved HU's art style to no extent. Especially the aliens. Especially especially Rath.

i agree with you!




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