We Want to See Your Video Creations! But actually, I am asking that you Don't Upload Video. Instead, to save storage space and $, its much preferred that you upload your video to YouTube (or another site like Vimeo), and then Embed Video Code here.

- Select the Videos Link on the top row.
- In the Upper Right, select + Add Videos
- You will see "Upload Videos From Your Computer". Well Don't Do That! Instead...
- Scroll down to where you see "Add Video from YouTube or Google"
- Select "Add Video" below that.
- You will see a box with the words: "

- With YouTube, you can simply copy the link to the video page, and paste it into the box. You can also grab the custom embed code from your YouTube video and paste it here.
- Note you can customize the embed code in YouTube, changing the size, and border colors. Do this by clicking on the little star button on the right side of the box where is says "embed". Then you can change the Border, Colors, and Output Size, then grab the code.

- Don't rip off content. We don't want to watch Ben 10 episodes on YouTube. Make videos about your collection. Stage a fight between characters.. things like that.

- Just videos about Ben 10 please. Got other subjects? Put them in a link in the forums (I will make a thread for that), or put a link on your My Page.

- If I Delete Your Video. Its probably because its not about Ben 10, or you may have Uploaded it instead of embedding code like I asked.

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What do you mean Max ?
What is it that you do not understand?


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