So um, Akif told me to make this discussion....and stuff. and Akif are planning to do an unpixeling contest.

Whoever wants to join put your best unpixels in the comments, the judges are me, Akif, Ryan, and me (DUUUUUUH).

So post your unpixels before 15th of February.



May Upchuck Norris' power be with you.

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i isnt a judge??

nope, your a junior unpixelator

Hi :3 

oh hi

............ not fair dude not fair man 

where teh shading?

Simple mistake. I ALWAYS forget the shading.

he never has shading (no offence or anything coop, just makes the pic look better)

i dont shade because idc 2 i will on  request

I dunno. You go through my sprites and decide, yus yus.


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