Have any of you seen it?

Or have your parents banned you from seeing it. (All of you younger site members)

I for one have and it is...amazing...a lot of action...full of gore though, I wouldn't recommend it for the faint of heart. The story is pretty average though, it's a typical fight for your life story...not gonna spoil anything. Well DISCUSS!

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To be honest its an Amazing Show. Very well made and probs the gore on tv :)

I was surprised when I first saw the show on AMC, to see all that gore....about the same time I discovered it was on Netflix, I watched the whole series up until now and watched Season 3 last Sunday.


its an awesome show

I have both seasons <3

And it's not that bad, Kids could watch it

I Have Played the Game The Walking Dead

yeah i thought they were talking about the game XD

I've seen it, It's epic

Great show, i love it.  I actually watched the entire first season in one sitting on DVD, then i got the 2nd season from ebay for like 12 bucks.  My cousin was part of the crew for season 1 and 2 but not 3.  He was in charge of plants in the background of all the shots and if there were leaves on the ground, be put them there.  Not a huge job, but he liked it.  I heard rumor from a very reliable source, that the show is in contract through season 5. 

I hope so!

which show

my source is a family member who is on the crew


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