5. Ultra Ben (original)

Ultra Ben was first released in 2008, and rumored to only have 10,000 figures made. Although not the rarest figure on this list, Ultra Ben in a good condition is not easy to find.


#4: Glow in the Dark Ben

Although just a remold, many fans attempted to send away for this figure through an offer by Bandai, only to find nothing sent back. The same thing happend with the Plumber Badge. I was lucky enough to receive the figure.

#3. Bullfrag

Although this figure is currently available somewhere in the world, this figure is very hard to find, and the chances of you finding him are about as good as Bandai gives us a Paradox figure...

#3. Haywire Ultimate Wildmutt

Remember seeing this guy in stores? Odds are, no. This figure was set for release in mid 2012 but never saw shelf time. The reason for it being cancelled is unknown, as it's haywire counterpart, Terraspin was released.

#2 Albedo Ultimate Humongosaur

Another figure you may not remember, because nobody really knows where he came from. This guy popped up on eBay in mid 2012 out of nowhere, and left that fast. I was lucky to grab one before these guys left off the scene. 

#1: Ultimate Alien Albedo

 Another figure of unknown origin, Albedo with the Ultimatrix was only seen on eBay in mid 2012 before not being seen again. He surpasses Humongo, only because Albedo was not seen as much on eBay. Nobody actually knows why he was not released in stores, but he'll remain a mystery and a collectors piece for figure collectors.

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He looks to have had some kind of goo-flinging action, based around his napalm sacks. Though I suppose they figured that it was too much of a mess to create and fill up only to have him fling a couple hunks of goo around before the fun was over.

What about this guy? Chromastone DNA Alien Hero. I only ever saw him once in stores. I read he was recalled because he fell apart too easily.

Everyone except me had one of these when I was a kid, and they never fell apart, :/

What about this OS WAY BIG Stretch Figure?

Weird, I always thought tthat was a Bootleg, because it was not available in North America

In all honesty, pretty much every OS Toy is super rare these days. Can't find an OS Figure for less than, like, $30.

Which sucks because I just broke SixSix and Heatblast the other day

Yeah, personally, I'd love to replace a lot of my OS Stuff.

I actually have this guy's head kicking around somewhere, the rest of him ended up being torn to shreds.

It's a shame, really, late New Aliens always get the short end of the stick, Ditto, Eyeguy and Way Big never got a OS Figure, Whampire, Atomix and Gutrot never got a OV Figure, this is the only OS Thing for Way Big.

Weeeeell, unless you count the alien creation figures, they were OS designs.

I found these guys probably a year before OV ended. I feel like an idiot now.


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