The Last of Us is one the greatest video games ever made.

Wow. I have never, in my whole life, played a game as good, as profound as The Last of Us. It features some of the best acting I've ever seen in video games, and has better dialogue and story than most films I've seen this year. This game has more character development than others I've played, and because of that there's an emotional connection with the characters. I'm not gonna lie, I almost cried in the first 15 minutes, and the last five of the game. The characters are flawed. Joel isn't a 'hero', at all. He's a survivor, he does a lot of questionable things in the game. The controls are perfectly seamless, the graphics are amazing, perhaps the best for any third person game on PS3. And the ending... I have never played a game where the studio had the balls to do something that mature. So the only people that shouldn't own The Last of Us are people that don't own a PS3. For everyone with a PS3? Go buy it. Like, right now. You won't regret it.

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Dude that game is so retarded. Min the first 20minutes of the game the makers mad an awful decision. The game devs didn't give you enough time to grow on the characters before they tried to make a tragic event occur. The main idea of the game is completely unoriginal, and the gameplay features the worst charcter midel animation I have seen on any of the current gen consoles.

After our yesterday's conversation, it was predictable you would comment here saying how bad the game is.

the gameplay features the worst charcter model animation I have seen on any of the current gen consoles.

Dude, your argument is invalid. - check some screenshots.

please tell me how a picture can prove that a game has great animation

But seriously, everything you just said was the EXACT opposite of the actual game. The first 20 minutes made me know that, yes, games can be an art form. Joel is possibly the most human character I've ever seen in any video game. The relationship between Joel and Ellie is flawless. And bad graphics? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Last of Us has some the best graphics for any game on the PS3. You call that bad? You want bad graphics? Here are some bad graphics:

See the difference?

I said bad animation you idiot. I'm sure that game is okay to pass the time, even though I counted 3 mistakes the devs made in the first 20 minutes.

Mind listing them?

1. Ellie walks like a retard

2. they try to make an emotional cutscene where Ellie get's shot, when they haven't even given you enough time to build an emotional connection, and thus the devs look retarded

3. we already have like 2,000 infected games

4. we already have a lot of games with the main character protecting a young girl

5. the intro to the game is poorly set up

1. No she doesn't. Ellie isn't even in the intro.

2. What? Ellie doesn't get shot. At least try to pay attention when the cut scene plays. It's Sarah who gets shot, his daughter. And let me get this straight, you're not sad when you see a man see his daughter die in his arms, after they manage to survive an outbreak, and then she gets shot by a human. Think about it for a moment. She dies at the start of the outbreak, but not because of the infected. Because of another human. That completely changes Joel's views on humanity, which affects the ending of this game immensely. 

3. ... Wow. That's a terrible reason. We have like 2,000 superhero films (hyperbole, I know), does that mean that The Avengers 2 shouldn't come out?

4. Wow. Really? This game is completely different to say Bioshock Infinite, or Walking Dead. At least play the game first.

5. It's one of the most cinematic intros to any game ever. Of course, I bet you like all the Ben 10 licensed game, so you have a pretty bad taste in video games.

The animation is amazing. Joel moves exactly like a real human being. Don't believe me? He was motion captured by the voice actor, Troy Baker, to get the animation right. Also this game is the exact opposite of one that's 'okay to pass the time', because it's intense, has a mature story that has characters do things that most humans would do in a situation like that, instead of doing what's 'right'. At times the game gets so dark that it starts to get a bit unpleasant. 

So is Earthbound. Throughout his entire Journey, Ness and co. fight off insane humans and animals, aliens, mounstrous creatures, insane cultists, zombies, ghosts and the occasional caveman, and that's only 5% through the game. Shadow of the Colussus involves your character killing giant innocent creatures to revive your loved one, and the ending is emotionally intense. This Game is not the first to do anything, nor is it among the best


By mature story telling, and not doing what's 'right', I wasn't talking about killing. Because that happens in most games (and is immensely violent in this game). In this game:



Once you arrive at the fireflies base, they have to kill Ellie to find the vaccine. Now in most things, the character would say yes to this. But Joel, having already lost a daughter to humans at the start of the outbreak, didn't want to lose another one. So then he goes and kills his way through rooms of Fireflies, you find Ellie strapped, and you kill the surgeons to try and get Ellie out. Afterwards you lie about the fireflies, telling her that there are 'dozens like her', even though there aren't. And then the last level isn't some action scene. It's Ellie and Joel walking through the woods. You see how Joel changed from a monster to back to how he was before the outbreak. This is called his arc. And afterwards there is a conversation between Joel and Ellie about how she would risk her life to save humanity, and that everything he said about the fireflies was true. Joel looks at the watch his daughter gave him before she died, thinks about it for a moment, and then says 'I swear', and they head to Tommy's safe, infected-free zone.

That shows that Joel was willing to sacrifice what's left of humanity to have a daughter again. That makes him more human than most video game characters. 


And that's just a small portion of the game. It's full of rich character moments, and characters having actual arcs, which is refreshing. The winter chapter shows perhaps the most character growth for any video game character I can think of. Of course you wouldn't understand that, because all you care about is that motion captured character animation looks 'bad'.

if you'll notice the word animation right after it, you fucking retard........


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