Here's how to play, it's fairly simple.

One person posts a wish of some kind, then the next person Grants it, but in a corrupted way, said "Next person" then posts a wish, and it turns into a chain, read the following example.

"Ytar Posted

      I wish I had a Ben 10 Video Game."

"ProjectCarthage Posted

     Granted, but it's the one for the Mattel HyperScan.

     I wish I had taco."

and it goes on after that, here's the official start of it. 

I wish Bandai could make a realistic Omnitrix.

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i wish Ghasten would cooperate whenever i tell him something

Granted but Ghasten turns back into Numbuh 1 and cooperates with nothing you say.

I wish everything in League of Legends was free.

Granted. And then League of Legends shuts down.

maka a wish...


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