Here's how to play, it's fairly simple.

One person posts a wish of some kind, then the next person Grants it, but in a corrupted way, said "Next person" then posts a wish, and it turns into a chain, read the following example.

"Ytar Posted

      I wish I had a Ben 10 Video Game."

"ProjectCarthage Posted

     Granted, but it's the one for the Mattel HyperScan.

     I wish I had taco."

and it goes on after that, here's the official start of it. 

I wish Bandai could make a realistic Omnitrix.

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Granted, the world turns to pieces, and you own one of them.

I wish I had some form of Kinesis.

Granted, but you won't be able to control it.

I wish for a James Bond game that ISN'T Call of Duty wearing a Bond mask.

Granted but you'll be impaled on an antenna jumping from building to building.

I wish there was a cure for Cancer.

Granted, but the cure is an even worse disease.

I wish ValvE would make Portal 3

Granted, but it doesn't come out until 2100.

I wish my dog could talk.

Granted, it only says bad things about you.

I wish I was famous on YouTube

Granted, but you're only famous because people hate you, like CopperCab.

I wish I had a llama.

Granted, but it's fucking massive and has über grody dookies

I wish I was a rock star

Granted, but your Guitars always mysteriously break before every concert.

I wish I knew what to wish for.

Granted, but its heat is impossible to bear.

I wish the last time I tried to make a simple activity thread here, not everyone was like "what is this i dont even"


Granted but you'll gamble your money and lose it all.

I wish I could have a sucessful relationship.

Granted, but you'll forget about everything else, including your girlfriend

i wish i had a PS4 with Arkham Knight


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