UPDATE II: What were your favorite films of the summer so far? I'll be adding my list once I see The World's End on the 25th of September (film delays, what are you gonna do?), so I'm asking YOU what the best films of the summer are. Give me a list of what you think. The highest voted films will then be put here as "People's choice". And yes, there's a chance Grown Ups 2 might win *shudders*


UPDATE: I'll be doing this thing called 'Take Two ' where I take some reviews from you guys and add them in this discussion, so that there can be some different views on the film

Ah, the summer movie season. The time when studios release all of their big budget films, and where most cinemas only play films which feel like collages of explosions. Sometimes though, summer films can go beyond that and be incredible, like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Inception and Star Trek (2009). This summer seems like the most competitive summer ever. Anyways this discussion is about what you thought of the movies this summer, going weekly depending on the film, and ultimately by September how you'd rank the films this summer. I will also tell my opinions on the films in this page (though that should not affect your opinion, as opinions are all subjective).

Anyways here we go:




The movies that start the summer movie season tend to be good, and IRON MAN 3 is no exception. It's just that after all of the hype, it kind of feels like a let down. After an incredible first half, the movie takes a turn for the worst and both butchers a character that was incredibly intense in the first half, and turns into more of a farce comedy. Oh, and the villain in the second half is just like a generic villain from a generic 90's movie. This unevenness really does stop the movie from being anything more than just pretty good.


The Great Gatsby


I was very optimistic about 'The Great Gatsby'. It could have been a great film that lives up to Fitzgerald's source material, or it could have been a complete and utter train wreck. Thankfully, it was more of the former, but there are certain aspects of the latter as well. The cinematography is incredible, and the film was filmed in 3D (although due to an issue at the IMAX I went to, it had to be viewed in 2D), so that is probably the way to see this film. As for acting, Leonardo Dicaprio knocks it out of the park, giving his best performance since Django Unchained (that shows you how good of an actor he is). He was everything Gatsby was like in the book, the personality, the appearance, he even sounded like I'd expect. He steals the show. The rest of the cast is great too, particularly Joel Edgarton as Tom Buchanan, who almost upstages Leo for best performance in the film. Now, it's time to discuss the problems. The movie has little emotional weight. The soundtrack would make F.Scott Fitzgerald roll in his grave. At times many characters over exaggerate. The movie is in no means subtle. A lot of the time, the film straight up explains a lot of the books themes. And worst of all: the film's a bit empty. In the end, the movie we get is a beautiful mess, that's elevated by great performances.


Star Trek into Darkness


After YEARS of waiting, was Star Trek into Darkness worth the wait? Hell yes it was. Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing as 'John Harrison'. Easily the best villain so far this year (much better that Mandarin). The only real flaw with the film I suppose is that the first 20 minutes felt to similar to the first film. And that's it. The action is incredible, up there with that of Iron Man 3 for best so far this summer, and looks stunning in IMAX. But it also has a compelling villain, a great plot, and characters you care about. There was a scene in this film when I almost teared up. The only other problem is that due to Abrams making Star Wars VII, Star Trek 3 likely won't come out until 2016 or something, and without Abrams at the helm...


Fast & Furious 6 


If you were to tell me in 2009 that I would enjoy a Fast and Furious more than an Iron Man film, I'd call you a liar, especially after the awesome Iron Man, and crap Fast & Furious 4. But here we are. After the somewhat disappointing Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6 ended up living up to everything it promised, and more. Fast cars, faster women, and a manly, 100% pure testosterone adventure of manliness that defies the laws of everything (physics, gravity, etc;). It's also the first F&F film with a somewhat compelling villain, although he's still a little forgettable. And the movie also manages to balance the comedy moments from the serious moments, unlike some other blockbusters out today. So all in all, an awesome, testosterone filled film, that is the perfect example of a summer film.


The Hangover Part III


Is this what happens when you run a comedy franchise to the ground? To the point where it's not even a comedy? It's not that The Hangover Part III isn't funny, it's just that there aren't many jokes. I maybe laughed five times when I saw this. Three of those times were in the post credits scene. So the movie's not a comedy. It's also the tamest, with no nudity until after the credits, and if you remove the giraffe scene and curse words, it's pretty much a PG-13. So it fails as a Hangover film. So what is it you ask? It's a heist film. An above average heist film. They also turn Alan, the most likable character in the first film into a big asshole, JUST so that there could be a message in the film about not being an asshole. The film's not terrible. As I mentioned above, the post credits scene is hilarious, and had the film been like that it would have been better (even though it would have been tough to market it). Also Chow is his least annoying in this film, which is nice I suppose. The film also nicely ties up some loose ends. But considering how good the first Hangover was, it's disappointing these sequels are just not good. Well, at least Part III is marginally better than the second. That's good, right? 


Now You See Me


I was optimistic with Now You See Me. The previews made it look intriguing and well made, but it was from a director who made the pretty good 'Incredible Hulk', and the pretty bad 'Clash of the Titans'. So how was the film? Pretty okay, I guess. It was kind of entertaining, and I wasn't bored with the film. But a lot of the stuff in this film makes little to no sense. And then of course there is the twist. While it somewhat works, it also undoes EVERYTHING that just happened in the film, making the whole film kind of pointless, and creating another plot that is almost completely detached from the first two acts of the film. And as for the magic, while most of it looked practical, some of it just looked like obvious CGI. Thankfully though the film is still very enjoyable despite all of these flaws, just don't expect anything really deep or revolutionary.


After Earth


Remember how I said that summer films can be incredible? Well, After Earth is anything but that. Actually, it's arguably the worst science fiction film since Battlefield Earth. Everything about this 'film' is bad. I'm still trying to think if it's even possible for The Smurfs 2 or Grown Ups 2 to somehow be even worse than this atrocity. The CGI looks like it's something from a film in the early 2000's. Jaden Smith can't act at all, and the only reason he was cast was because of nepotism. This whole movie's boring, even the big action scenes. The film is almost un-watchable, and Jaden's facial expressions look like something from a parody. So in the end, it's just some bullsh*t you should avoid.


This is The End


This is, hands down, the funniest film I've seen in a LONG time. I laughed so hard I was in stitches, and my a abdominal area started hurting from all the laughter I had in the theater. With all the celebrities playing themselves, there are some great references and jokes, and their personalities perfectly bounce off each other, giving some hilarious conversations. The CGI was also quite great for how small the budget was, and coked out Michael Cera is one of the best characters in any film this whole year.


Man of Steel


Here it is. My review of Man of Steel. After so long, I'll finally be reviewing this. I feel like I can now, because of the fact that everyone that wanted to see MOS has seen it. But if you haven't, then this is a SPOILER WARNING. Okay, now that I've got that out of the way, it's time for me to review this film. Disappointing? Kind of. The movie is kind of good, and kind of bad. It starts off kind of strong, with Krypton. And Kevin Costner was pretty good as Pa Kent (even if he's not given much to do), and the first scene of him flying was pretty great. Henry Cavil was a great Superman/Clark Kent, and the first fight scene was pretty good. And then, well... It just kind of extends to the next hour of the film. FIGHT SCENE. FIGHT SCENE. FIGHT SCENE. Until the point of fatigue. Jor-El's back I guess, and some other stuff happens. But it's just one fight scene to another, until it just gets boring, and, god forbid, I start thinking of ROTF. Then Metropolis gets destroyed, and Superman breaks Zod's neck.  Then he cries, and then we shrug it off as if nothing happened. Really. And then it kind of ends with him being Clark Kent. The main man to blame for ruining this film is, of course, David Goyer. He single handily destroyed what could have been a great film. Instead, we get a kind of okay, disjointed film. And also a SUPER disappointing one.


World War Z


WOW. I really didn't ever think that I'd like World War Z, especially as much as I did. From the production issues, to the fact that is was NOTHING like the amazing eponymous book, to the terrible first trailer. But then I actually saw the film. And WOW, was I wrong. This film is a tense, (somewhat) intelligent, adrenaline filled thrill ride that never let's you go. There are some problems with the film though, like a bit of repetition, and some things feel a bit too coincidental. I'm actually VERY glad they did the re-shoots, as the most intense scene in the whole film was from the re-shoots. So I guess you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. (Unless it's The Smurfs 2 (Or The Lone Ranger (Or Grown Ups 2)))


Monsters University


Is Monsters University as good as its predecessor? No. Is it Pixar's best film since Toy Story 3? You bet. This film has what the last two Pixar films didn't: heart. While it has some trouble finding it, it eventually does, and it beats as much as that of Pixar classics such as UP, Wall-E, and the Toy Story trilogy among others. While the first two acts are a bit too reliant on comedy, the last act really evolves the characters, and we see how Sully turned from douche bag to humble, and how Mike turned from nerdy to confident in the original. After the last two missteps, I think that Pixar might finally be coming back to make great films every year.


White House Down


Wait, didn't 'Olympus Has Fallen' come out just three months ago? Now I know that both these films were in development for the same time, but there are too many similarities to ignore. But whereas Olympus Has Fallen starts off with a character scene which has an affect on the story and characters, the first half hour of White House Down is pretty much nothingness. They easily could have shaved that off. I get that they at least tried to add some sort of character development to let us care about them when sh*t goes down, but it ends up feeling really forced. Also, the film has a LOT of tonal inconsistency. When the White House is being taken over, it starts off really serious and dark, and realistic, but quickly dissolves into a comedy featuring villains that think like cartoons. And then it gets dark again. And then it turns into f**king Scooby Doo, with it's 'twist' at the end (which really isn't, as anyone paying attention could spot it one hour before it actually happens). As far as characters, it features Obama and John McClane. Or at least analogies of them. The action feels to CGI'd, so it's not very enjoyable - except the CGI Black hawks (Which is weird because the much cheaper Zero Dark Thirty used real ones, and both films are from the same studio) Those looked sick. There are more explosions than most Michael Bay films, and they looked terribly green screen for the most part. And the screenplay. My eyes hurt from rolling them at all the stupidity in this film. It's shocking that the writer of the amazing Zodiac wrote this. Almost every character in this film is an idiot, and most of the humor falls flat.  Now, the movie's not a complete train wreck. There is chemistry between Channing Tatum's likable John McClane rip off and Jamie Foxx's President Obama Soyer. And the action can sometimes look kind of enjoyable. Oh, and Jason Clarke essentially plays an evil version of his character in Zero Dark Thirty. So that's gotta be a positive, right?


The Heat


Paul Feig's follow up to Bridesmaid is hilarious, raunchy, and just a bit too vulgar. Sandra Bullock is great as the no nonsense straight woman of the duo, and she gives a great deadpan performance. Melissa Mccarthy, however, brings most of the laughs. The movie's plot is a bit convoluted, but it's more a film which is supposed to make you laugh than think. And if that's the case, then it did it's job because I laughed quite a lot in this.


The Lone Ranger 


What happens when you make a western that cost nearly $250 million, and has extensive reshoots? You get a terrible film that has tonal inconsistencies, a lazy performance from Johnny Depp, some terrible chemistry between the two leads, and a bloated run time that makes it a snooze-fest. Lone Ranger's a joke in the whole film, up until the last joke. I can't talk about much else because I frankly stopped caring halfway through. There were cannibal rabbits and horses that drink alcohol, and a scene where a man's heart is eaten, followed by a scene where Lone Ranger's head is smeared through horse sh*t. Yes, that's all in the film. Some of the visuals were nice, but otherwise it's as good a western as Jonah Hex or Wild Wild West.


Ben here with a review of The Lone Ranger. 

Where do i start? OH YEAH! What the f*ck did i just watch? What is this piece of sh*t that i just watched? Why did I watch it? Well, I'm a movie-goer. I like to watch movies. I've seen some pretty bad movies in my life, like Spider-Man 3, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine just to name a few. But my god is this bad. If I had to choose one good thing in this disaster, it's that i really liked Tonto's look in the film, his voice, and just his face makeup in general. That looked pretty awesome. AND, the visuals. But besides that, the entire movie is terrible. There was absolutely no chemistry between the two leads, it was cartoon like, and Armie Hammer was just meh as the Ranger. If i had to choose an aspect that could be considered the worst in this turd, then MAYBE I'd choose the train scene. That was terrible as sh*t. Either that, or the end climax, during which l literally left the cinema. So yeah, this movie is shit, DO NOT Watch this piece of shit.


Despicable Me 2


Is it as good as its predecessor? No. But even if it's not a Shrek 2 quality sequel, it's far from a Shrek 3 or 4 sequel. The minions are even funnier than they were in the first film, and there was actual, surprising, chemistry between Steve Carrel's Gru and Kristen Wig's Lucy Wilde. Unfortunately there were some glaring issues with the film. The whole antagonist plot felt rushed, and I could see the twist coming a mile away. The film also felt a bit rushed. Still, the movie was hilarious, the minions were amazing, and the last act of this film features a better action scene than most other films this summer. So there is that.


Pacific Rim


HOLY F**K, DID THIS MOVIE KICK ASS.  Guillermo Del Toro shows you how to make movies about gigantic robots that are actually GOOD. Unlike Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Pacific Rim has characters that you care about. It has female characters that aren't just gratuitous eye candy (and played by someone who can actually act). It had no unnecessary toilet or sex jokes. There's no forced, shoe horned romance. The special effects are incredible, not once did anything look fake. The imagery is magnificent. Charlie Day and Ron Pearlman were incredible, hell Hannibal Chau might be my favorite new character of the whole summer, and Newt is the most accurate 'nerd' archetype I can think of in recent big blockbusters. But it's Idris Elba who steals the show as Stacker Pentecoste, an ex Jaeger pilot who now runs the Jaeger operation. Every character is interesting, and has at least some depth to them. The male protagonist, Raleigh Becket, is surprisingly one of the less interesting characters, but Maku (the female protagonist), makes up for it, with a sense of mystery to her. Is it flawless? No. But it's certainly the best time I've had at the movies in a LONG time. It blows that Grown Ups 2 made more than this though.


The Conjuring


Never has clapping been so frightening. The Conjuring proves that under the right hands, any-thing can be great. This is without a doubt, one of the finest  horror films of the past decade. None of the scares used CGI, it felt like a horror film taken straight from the 70's, the golden era of horror. Each scare is built up, to the point where it gets intense enough to get the strongest payoff. Hell, two of the films scariest moments didn't have a payoff, but the built up was so intense, that it gave me fear. THAT is horror done right. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are great as Ed and Lorraine Warren, and it's surprising to see a horror film with GOOD acting. Hell, in this day and age it's hard to find a horror film that's actually scary, but The Conjuring almost gave me a coronary in fear.




God, was this movie lazy and half-assed. It shamelessly rips off much better films, the main victim being M.I.B. It's lifeless, as though it was made by a computer on autopilot making generic January film #63. How anyone would spend $130m on this turd is beyond me, especially considering it's one of the biggest flops of all time. The CGI is some of the ugliest and most fake I've seen in the past few years. Most of the cast seems to be asleep, with maybe the exception of Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges, who ham it up to the max, hell to the point where they both stop being enjoyable. Ryan Reynolds looks like he's only doing this as either he lost a bet, or to have enough money to buy the groceries.


The Wolverine


After Darren Arronofsky left and those Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel trailers, I would have never thought that The Wolverine would be the best super-hero film of the summer, but it is. Hugh Jackman gives his best performance as Wolverine, giving us a flawed character who is at his deadliest when he is his most vulnerable. He is a lost soul, haunted by the death of Jean Grey. The bullet train scene was awesome, and it's refressing to see two humans fighting with their hands in a superhero film that's not batman.  The villain twist was a bit meh, and the third act was a bit too cartoony, but the intimate character beats help this movie be a lot better than the other superhero films this year. And that post credits scene. Damn, that was AWESOME. I can't wait till X-Men Days of Future Past now.


We're The Millers


We're The Millers is okay, I suppose. It's tonally inconsistent, ranging from dark, mean spirited comedy to studio friendly fluff, Jennifer Aniston only does PG-13 level nudity, the cast has chemistry, with Will Poulter being the stand out of the cast, it's also somewhat forgettable, and it's twenty minutes too long. The whole DEA subplot felt a bit weird and forced. Also, there are plot holes, like why would they still stick together after what just happened. And the ending didn't fit with the film at all. But it made me laugh a bit, so it did it's job.




Neil Blompkamp's follow up to District 9 isn't quite the masterpiece that many expected, or hoped for, but it's still a pretty good sc-fi action film, which has at least something to say, even if it's as subtle as a baseball bat. The visual effects were phenomenal, the action was amazingly well choreographed and the acting was pretty good from the cast with one exception, which was the best part of the film, Sharlto Copley as Kruger. He was amazing. He was a bad-ass, crazy psychopath and one of the few memorable villains of the summer (and perhaps the only memorable thing from this movie). The movie's ending was a bit generic, it's not as intelligent as you'd expect, and it's also riddled with plot holes. But it has enough pros to make it good, and Copley's performance is good enough to give the film an extra half score.


Kick-Ass 2


In 2010 Mathew Vaughn and writer Jane Goldman made something special from a run of the mill comic book, by adding wit, charm, and heart to all the violence. That film was Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass 2 is a follow up that doesn't have most of this, and is more of a violent, soulless adaption of the Millar comic. The budget is the same, so there was nothing too grand in the action. The film also feels dry and looks half-assed most of the time, like a TV film. Jim Carrey was great as Colonel Stars & Stripes, giving an almost unrecognizable performance disguised with a completely different voice and great prosthetics. Chloe Moretz was pretty good as Hit Girl, since she was given a lot less to do in this film. And Christopher Mintz-Plasse AKA Mclovin steals almost every scene he's in as The Mother-F*cker. Aaron Johnson was just OK as Kick-Ass, but not quite as good as the last time around, because the material's not as good this time around (like Hit-Girl's). The chemistry with the cast was also good enough, but no-where near as good as the first ones. Evan Peters is replaced with an Evan Peters impersonator for Todd, but I guess two Quicksilvers in one film is too much. So yeah, this film's no-where near as good as it's amazing predecessor, but it's not a complete train wreck.


The World's End


I'd sit through another summer full of disappointments and train wrecks if we managed to get another film as good as The World's End to finish it off. Egdar Wright is now four for four, and the Cornetto Trilogy will be remembered as one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Simon Pegg gives his best performance to date, with a great supporting cast consisting of Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, and Paddy Considine. The story's both hilarious and heart felt, with a surprising ending that's somewhat open ended (but not super open ended like say Inception). This is everything you'd want in a summer film, with comedy, drinking, drama, action and of course drinking. If this film is still playing where you live, then go watch it, like RIGHT NOW. If it's left, then pre-order/buy (depending on when you read this) the DVD or Blu-Ray

Next stop: Nothing. Summer's over. It's time to accept facts

What were my favorite films of summer 2013?


1) The World's End

2) Star Trek into Darkness

3) Pacific Rim

4) This is the End

5) The Conjuring

Those were the only ones I'll probably pick up on Blu Ray as well.

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Iron man 3 was awesome the best iron man movie ever 

I feel like the only one who hasn't seen it yet who wants to. :I

You're not alone, brother. I wanna see it SO BAD, but I haven't yet.

l respectfully disagree with this review.

lron Man 3 is one of the smartest films ive seen. lt makes up for lron Man 2 in a lot of ways. l know there are some comedy moments in the second half, but it's mostly serious, and i mean come on, it's good comedy.

This version of the Mandarin is it's own version. l mean in the ultimate comics, hes a f**king robot. ln my opinion, i think twist with the Mandarin is actually pretty smart in a lot of ways. l'm gonna list those reasons.

1. lf they didn't do the twist, it would be another plot where Tony must rise up to defeat the Mandarin.

2. Aldrich wanted revenge right? So he set up the 10 Rings and sh*t and created the Mandarin, so
that way if he gets caught, he's still safe.

ln a way, they pulled a better DKR twist. Like, the twist is something we wouldn't have expected, and it was treated well. But in DKR, we all knew the twist and it was obvious that Talia is the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul.

Okay, i'm acting like the movie is a perfect 10/10, but it does have it's problems. Like is Aldrich that upset over something that he can get over? And the ending i personally hate a lot.

l give this movie an 8.5/10.

Also, some of my favorite scenes are in this film. Like the airplane attack. l love what Tony does in that scene to save the passengers. l won't spoil anything for people who haven't seen the film. The action in this film is amazing.

The soundtrack in this film gave me goosebumps, its that good.

And Rhodey finally got his time to shine!

To me, this is more of a Tony Stark movie than an lron Man movie. l mean we see more of Stark do some action outside of the suit than in it.

Aldrich and the ending are the only things that weigh the movie down to me.

And I respectfully both agree and disagree. While I loved Iron Man 3, there were some serious issues. First off, Aldrich's motivation was awful. He was blown off by a guy who is known for being a flake. Big deal. Also, the entire movie was kind of about not having the suit readily available and surviving as Tony Stark, but at the end he just had 41 suits at his disposal. Couldn't he have had Jarvis send one over? And those lame ass weapons he made when confronting the Mandarin- what the hell? He had a box of scraps and a cave in Iron Man 1 and he made the first suit. Now he had a department store at his disposal and he made christmas ornaments that blow up? Lame. And the heart, jesus the heart. That's been the issue for the past 3 movies and he could have just "fixed" it the entire time? In a glossed over manner, nonetheless. I am glad he blew up all the suits. There was something wrong about having so many.And the soundtrack seriously lacked AC/DC. It was good, but it could have been much better.

Updated with Great Gatsby review

Updated with Star Trek into Darkness review

Yes, but only after I see it, which will be on June 14th

@Like a Sir. Have you seen the new cars for transformers 4? Movie's destined to fail already.



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