1º) Aliens used by Ben:  
+ Terraspin  
+ Cannonbolt (Intended alien was Astrodactyl)  
+ Gravattack  
+ Upchuck  
+ Pesky Dust  
+ Water Hazard  
+ Bloxx  
+ Atomix (Officially confirmed to be the new white robotic alien)  

2º) Alien used by Albedo:  

+ Ultimate Albedo (most of the episode)  
+ Articguana (Albedo has red colour where Ben's Articguana has white colour)  
+ New Unknown Alien (Similar to Blastoise from Pokemon, with two cannons in the back which fire ice blasts). (I suspect it could be Ultimate Articguana, but I hope not).   
+ Armordrillo (This version is completely red, where Ben's form is yellow)  
+ Gravattack  
+ Ultimate Gravattack (It has 3 moons around him which seems to be alive)  
+ Ultimate Humungousaur  
+ Ultimate SpiderMonkey  

3º) Predator used by the Nemetrix:  

+ Pnusian (Ditto's predator, most of the episode because it can multiply itself)  
+ Crabdozer  
+ Ultimate Pnusian (Unexpected, aparrently a modification made by Albedo)  
4º) Details about the story in the episode:  

+ Ultimate Albedo manage to drain Azmuth's mind in a green orb. After that Khyber try to feed his new dog with Azmuth's body, but body and mind are rescued by Ben, Rook and Max.   

+ It seems Galvans have a "pre-brain" that control their body's basic functions, that how Azmuth's body is still alive. But he acts so stupidity that Max says "It makes Blukic and Driba look like geniuses"; he even try to make the joke "pull my finger". Azmuth's concience is still inside the orb and he can talk through it; but Ben finds the stupid body of Azmuth as a "funny good buddy".   

+ Ben gives some tools to Azmuth's body, hoping he will be able to do something; but he only manages to activate the selfdestruct sequence of the villain's base.   

+ After the bad guys' base explode, Ben and co manage to return to Earth, but they are chased by the villains' ship; having a battle in space. Ben has to fight as Cannonbolt in the space void and he almost explode; then Gwen and Kevin appear with a new ship, but they all crash on Earth.   

+ Ben saves Rook, Max and Azmuth's parts with Gravattack; then he tries to defeat Albedo using his gravitational powers to play with him. Un fortunately, Albedo changes into Armordrillo to defeat Ben and then into Ultimate Gravattack to make him "taste his own medicin". Once he has Azmuth's brain, he flies away with him.  

+ In the meantime, the others fight Khyber and his multiplying pet; Kevin even brought Zedd with him to help. Azmuth call her "traitorous mutt", but it was him who abandoned her, taking only the Nemetrix.   
+ Quote:  
- Kevin: You probably didn't feed her well.   
- Khyber: You give him food, he will lose his predator's instinct.   
- Kevin: It's a girl, you idiot!!  
+ Gwen manages to capture Khyber, with him saying "I'm no one's prey!!!". After Albedo runs away, Ben helps his team with Khyber's pet as Crabdozer. He uses Perk Upchuck to swallow it, as it seems Upchuck is from such a "weird species" that it doesn't have predator. However, something strange happens to Ben's stomach and has to vomit it out; revealing it as the "Ultimate Pnusian". In this form, it's three times bigger (as an elephant), has a "skull-helmet" like Crabdozer and spines in his back like Buglizard.  

+ Trying to find something useful to defeat it, Ben accindentally transforms into Pesky Dust; leaving both Kevin and Ben ashamed. However, as weird as it seems, Khyber fears this alien; which Ben takes advantage to take information from him. It seems that Pesky Dust doesn't shoot energy beams, but release somekind of dust from his body (and hands) that makes its victims to fall sleep. Once sleeping, it makes the victim to experience its happiest (and corniest) dreams; Pesky Dust can enter in those dreams and manipulate them, which Ben finds very useful.   

+ Khyber's dreams that he's a friend of Young Ben, Gwen and Max (from the original series), he travels with them in the Rustbucket and he has helped them to capture Vilgax; who is tied on the roof of the Rustbucket and Khyber wants to keep him as a trophy. After receiving several praises from Ben, Gwen and Max, Khyber tells them where they can find Albedo.

+ They find Albedo in the laboratory of Billy Billions' Tower, where he has managed to absorb Azmuth's brain inside his own; making his head as Ultimate Albedo way bigger. The good guys try to stop him, but traps them into a "mind ball"; so lamely copied from MODOK. He's about to crush him with his mind, but his mind ends having a "revelation" of the deepest knowledge of the universe; entering in a state of "self-realization". Ben takes advantage of it and transforms into Bloxx, using his strechable arm to revert the machine and sucking Azmuth's mind from Albedo.   

+ Back to his regular self, Albedo turns mad and tries to destroy Ben as Ultimate Humungousaur; but then, the silly Azmuth plays with the Omnitrix and accidentally unlocks Atomix; which silly Azmuth even names and Ben approves it. Atomix seems way more powerful than the Ultimates, as he can releases blasts from atomic energy (like a nucler explosion, but without the radioactivity), knocking down Ult Humungousaur without problem. He decides to end Albedo with a "nuclear blast", but he first sends flying his team to put them at safety (almost sending them out of the atmosphere); and Ben finally knocks out Albedo (as Ultimate Spidermonkey) with the nuclear blast. The blast leaves him as Greymatter

+ Azmuth's brain is returned to his body, returning to his old "not funny self". He then reveals the reason because the Omnitrix always fails to Ben when he picks an alien. It seems Ben's fingers are "butterfingers". Everytime Ben hit the Omnitrix to transform, he hit it so hard that the Omnitrix activates the aleatory function; that's why Ben almost never get the alien he wants. Azmuth makes something in Albedo's device before teleporting himself back home.   
+ When the Plumbers came to take Albedo to prision, they inform that Khyber and his dog manage to escape. (It's not detailed if they recovered the Nemetrix or not). Before being taken by the Plumbers, something happens with the stabilizers from Albedo's device; and in a flash of light he transforms back into Ben's clone. (That's what Azmuth did). Albedo starts to complain and says: "There's something worse that being trapped in the form of the 16-years-old human body of Ben Tennyson?!!"; then Albedo's device sparks again as is transformed into... A red version of Ben's 11-years-old self!!! "Oh, man!", Albedo says before start crying like a baby. (Well, if this is permanent, at least there won't be confuse about identify Ben from Albedo anymore).

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Okay my ONLY suggestion is to use PARAGRAPHS!!! This is really hard to read if it's all jumbled up.

This post looked better when I approved it on my phone....

That said, Alt. Upgraded, you have a week to edit your post to make it easier to read, if you don't edit it, I will delete it, because right now on first glance, it looks like a jumbled up mess of spam.

Thanks for the spoilers! (in a good way)

I'd love to see Ultimate Arcticguana and Ultimate Pnunsian! Also, Atomix.

There are pictures on the wiki.

There's the whole episode on YouTube.


what is the link

Hehe you found out it was in Spanish.

Because it came out in Spain first. But we will HAVE to wait until tomorrow to see the English edition. I mean I skimmed through the bits of the Spanish part so see HOW EPIC ATOMIX WAS! But hearing Atomix in the Spanish version was HILARIOUS!


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