So they're making an MLP theatrical film....and yeah it doesn't look too good

You know a movie is rushed and that the studio isn't confident when they release a trailer a month before the film, but what if they announce the film a month before release?

Such is the case with 'My Little Pony: Equestria Girls', a film that just looks like bad fan fiction. If this were, say a direct to video release, I would pretty much feel indifferent, as then there would be an excuse for animation that looks worse than the show's (Which was pretty great actually). But this is gonna be a THEATRICAL film. They could have done SO much stuff with a theatrical MLP film. But nope, it's an else world story where the ponies are humans in high school. Yup. Just a typical fish out of water premise. Anyway's here's the poster and trailer:

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Movie Poster


The film opens June 16 (Opening two days after Man of Steel isn't gonna do it any favors)

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I like MLP (though I completely missed S3 and don't necessarily care) but this looks like horse shit.
That pun was totally unintended, by the way.
Yeah, I kinda gave up on it. I heard season 3 kinda sucked, so I'm not too disappointed that I missed it.

O_O are you guys are GIRLS?



iunno how to feel

New trailer:


Well, at least the first 40 seconds were bearable.

God, this crap is going against Man of Steel?


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