Hey guys!! I shouldn't be posting this here but I was just searching vids of the new Voltron Legendary Defender toys and I stumbled upon an Atamaii video from some toy fair and it blew my mind with nostalgia.

I joined this website when I was MAYBE 10. I'm twenty now and I've REALLY grown up. I'm on the shortlist for an actual Hollywood, silver screen movie that I can't talk about yet, I have a serious girlfriend, all things I neved thought would happen when I was a socially anxious middle schooler talking about Ben 10 with some of the wonderful people here.

I am absolutely shocked to see this website still running, but I am so happy it is. This website was my childhood, and even though I may not watch much Ben 10 anymore (mostly because I don't have cable- once I buy all the seasons of Omniverse on iTunes you best believe I'm not leaving my couch.) I still have friends here.

Friends who, embarassingly, I have forgotten over time.

But if you guys are still kicking, roll call in the comments.

I still remember Nightmare, Harry, AXC, Cheatster9000... I dunno if any of those guys are still around but they were the greatest back in the day.

I know I've made a post like this a few years ago and in another huge amount of time I'm sure I'll be back making another. And I know the toy forum isn't the place for sappy love letters about a website for action figures but I just needed to thank everyone. Especially Mr. Stu Carter for keeping this incredible website running.

So thank you all. I promise I'll TRY to frequent here more often.

ya boy,
Ben 10 Fan guy

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I've never forgotten about you <3 

Shucks, you're gonna make me blush

I'm still here. Gonna stick this all the way through till the end.

I'm gonna bookmark the site and be there RIGHT BESIDE YA

I wonder if TMP's still kickin' about?


That would be glorious, we need a full on Ben10toys reunion. It's gotta happen

I would love that. Just like the good ol' days.

I'd be down.

I don't remember you so...

Maybe you remember me? I just tried logging in and it was somehow possible. Hey guys!


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