Ricky or hector me and my friends Emma,planet,and Problem were chating and then this person named Ricky started to harras us we soon new it was hector so ricky is another account he has so beware

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Ricky isn't Hector.

Hector has a SMALL amount of brain cells

Don't get it

Emma needs to chill.

you konw what you maid that up and you have not a single right to comment on my page hector

It's hector, everyone is too blind to see it. He starts off this way by trying to make everyone feel bad for him , and not talk about Ben10 at all....-__-

You are so full of yourself. Ricky of Ricky Views. 

1. Ricky Views dosen't f*cking exist 

2. What smug b@st@rd changes there name to THAT. I suppose you won't mind me changing my name to 

Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation 


Wow, can't argue with that at alllll.

Ricky. If it was Hector he would have VERY obviously given it away already (i.e. dingus)

No, Hector is good at being secret, remember Boss Exonaut? exactly.

Yeah, but Boss Exonaut didn't say much and we never gave him a reason to insult anyone in Hector's signature stupid way.

But you got a point.

No Boss Exonaut I remember, he was insane like Hector we just never thought much of it, and he insulted no one he didn't want to be banned in his final day, he did go crazy in Hector's way and if you remember Hector and Boss came at the same time, COINCIDENCE!? I THINK NOT~




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