Just thought I'd show you guys! Pretty faithful to the original IMO.

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Cole you realize this site is dead, right?

...kinda like your gaming channel.

Oh yeah I know. I don't come on here very often.

I do better, more important things than gaming now, so...

Is that right? What are you doing these days, being a professional dunkey wrangler?

For privacy reasons, I'd rather not disclose anything else.

Still waiting on those Minecraft Let's Plays, Cole.

"the site is dead"

yet, someone who has had nothing better in their life than to troll a Ben 10 fan site for over five years is one of the last here. nice.

Put a sock in it, Nightmare. Preferably a DIRTY sock!

Only if you do it for me, preferably TIED up

I command you take that back...THIS INSTANT!!!

You'll be waiting a while then.

I'll be waiting.


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