post a pic of your plumber with his/hers plumbers badge custom if you want

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It's really dumb
It's Dumb And Confusing!!!Even My Friends Hate Code Lyoko
Whos "XM"?

heres mine itz albedo who has decided to leave evil and join the plumbers

now this is me the plumber badge is on his belt now this one that i created has his own omnitrix called the supermatrix the new aliens are really cool look oh and give cred to nightmare alien x for his omnitrix
ok this guy is called 4ratharms

 this guy is called heatblastx

ok this guy is ghost arms and next to him is his minion cause ghostarms can summon three minnions at a time and when one gets destroyed he can make another onethis guy is mudhazardthis guy is water nrg dudethis guy is bengaxguys all these aliens are from aggregor so give credit these nest aliens are not from the same user

guys this guy is xlr8 echo blastthis guy is big xlr8

ok give credit to jonathen tennyson for these too aliens ok the last alien is by fourarms x so give him the credit


this guys name is diamonddrillo

Thanks for givin credit, man. and that was a good idea with what you did the ghostarms guys.

My plumber has a badge and I built a ultimatrix its in prototype form so I only have 2 aliens Spitter and Ghostfreak
My ship cred goes to PG for base 
Can I add it to the Weapon Data base?

My new plumber



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