Has anyone picked up these figures yet? I grabbed a Hex figure today and it's a really good figure. The articulation on it is plenty, as he has head swivel, arms, elbows, hands, waist, feet and mid leg articulation. The handle on his staff can also move which is a nice touch. He's pretty tall though so with some original series he's out of scale. (He's taller than original Four Arms). Other than that though he's great! It's nice to have a Hex figure finally, even though he's about 12 years late I'd say lol. I'm also super excited for the Animo and Kraab figure. I really do hope Playmates keeps up with the original series villains. Some Circus Freak figures would be sick. Here's a pic of Hex with his enemy, Lucky Girl.

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I got XLR8

Got Heatblast XLR8 Overflow Four Arms Cannonbolt Diamond Head Stinkfly Grey Matter Wildvine Upgrade Omni Enhanced Four Arms

I also have Diamondhead, Four Arms, Heatblast, Cannonbolt, Upgrade, Overflow and Wildvine

I got all six of the Omni Enhanced figures too.

Finally got me Shock Rock. I've had him for Awhile.

I really like the new figures , but i wish they were in scale with the old ones. 

I think the new figure are great on scale when they're together. 

P.S. Grey matter is too small HAHA..


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