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man i liked the other mini figures better


YES! Same here. Is Bloxx a car in aerial view in the other picture? What is Toepick doing?

Toepick's cage opens up and his eyes pop out im guessing


That looks more like a ua xlr8

Dang those look so cool

Tyrannopede looks awesome for sure getting him

I need that Pesky Dust.

Like, right now.

Also Tyrannapede. 

I'm want to get Diamondhead,Waterhazard and hyper alien Stinkfly

Son of a bitch... Look at Tyrannopede. Just look at that majestic bitch. And Stinkfly. GOOD GOD. I shall get those two bitchin' Hyperaliens (in addition to Humungousaur and Shocksquatch) and all of those tiny guys, but primarily Pesky Dust, Walkatrout, Ball Weevil, Khyber's dog, uhh... Greymatter? And Buglizard. And don't even get me started on those 4 inchers. Look at Water Hazard! And Diamondhead.

God dammit Bandai, I just wanna collect my Funko Pop figures in peace. Stop making all these wonderful items. Actually please don't, cuz... They're wonderful.
Oh and Molestache. I need Molestache. I'm surprised there isn't The Worst. He seemed to be the most popular of the Outbreak aliens


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