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I need those Outbreak toys okay

And the WH and DH

And the constructables interest me as well

Why the hell does the Ultimate Blogger put a watermark on a photo that isn't theres?

Scumbag Ultimate Blogger


I know, they're not even some kind of official site.  And it's a terrible watermark.

I dunno how it got leaked.

I didn't show anybody.

you know you're not the only person in the whole world who can find these pictures

Yes! finally a transforming Bloxx! And what is that Toepick's doing? Tyrannopede! And Diamondhead and Waterhazard are cool. Why are their minifigs translucent? :( Transformation chamber looks okay. Why is WInd-up Crashhopper so fat? I heard there was a Shocksquatch mask as well as the Heatblast one. I love the Outbreak minifigures and Ball Weevil! 

Oh I just figured out why the mini figures are green.


In some other 2013 toy discussion there is a new omnitrix with a translucent green feedback.


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